Question for 9/17?


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  1. mrpki

    How about this for an OMG ending question this week? Microsoft just hired Charlie Bell from Amazon and reorganized all of security under him. Do you think this is due to the wave of surprising vulnerabilities and exploits that are growing like SolarWinds, Exchange, Print Nightmare and now Wiz beating up Azure quite badly?

  2. lindhartsen

    Paul and Mary Jo were asked about this on Windows Weekly, but curious about your take. What would be your general review of Windows 11 based on current Beta builds, and do you think normal, typical users should upgrade or should they wait until their machine is actively pushed by Microsoft to upgrade?

  3. madthinus

    At what point do we expect to hear about Drives supporting DirectStorage in Windows 11? Or is this more a smoke and mirrors feature?

  4. pastorwelker

    Do you expect a "one more thing" moment at the Surface event next week?

  5. jnbck

    Do you think the IOS security scare this week will have any impact whatsoever on sales of the new apple devices?

  6. crunchyfrog

    I have a Surface Go 2 in new condition that I bought when it came out. It's like new because it mainly sits in a padded case until I need it. Today I pull it out and it's stuck in a well known boot loop and I have to ship it back.

    Is it just me or do Surface devices just have a higher than normal failure rate? Rhetorically, will Microsoft ever take quality seriously with its hardware?

  7. bschnatt

    Congrats on your recent transition to StarDock. If StarDock wanted to advertise on FRD, would you take the money and run, or would you be prohibited from doing that?

  8. ngc224

    A little inside baseball, but can you say how long you’ve been under embargo for next week’s event?

  9. gulshan059

    Will Microsoft ever bring RCS support for Windows11/Your Phone/Android(SMS Organizer)

  10. usman

    What's the likelihood of Neo-like devices coming to the market.

    There are elements of the 10X touch keyboard such as the wonder bar etc in Windows 11, that would work well in a two-glass device.

    At first, I believed the Neo form factor device would be underpowered, but after seeing the M1 chip performance, it seems like it's in Apple's court to deliver a device like that.