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  1. mrpki

    Since the request came in late last night, I will have to end with a tough question: many people are wondering if there is anything so great about Windows 11 they should upgrade now, or are they better off waiting the first major refresh when many of the issues are resolved?

  2. madthinus

    Microsoft made a big deal about the new designed emoji's for Windows 11. Then they ship Windows 11 without them. Last night they rolled them out to insiders and they look nothing like the 3D ones they had in the block post. What is going on there in Windows land?

  3. jnbck

    Do you have an estimated timeline on Windows 11 supporting android apps, and will the entire google play store be available?

  4. yb

    Hi Brad,

    thanks for your comprehensive reply to my query last week!

    A different one this week:!

    I use the web edition to access my email- normally via Chrome browser.

    in the past couple of days, there is a 'service handler'{?] prompt appearing in the address bar - urging me to download Outlook[PWA]. Id it Chrome, or Microsoft. How to you block it? many tks!

  5. George Coll

    Is it true that Stardock is changing its name to The Facedock?