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  1. Ingiomar Martina

    Why doesn't Microsoft buy AMD and make their own chips like Apple does. Just look at how fast the iPhone 8 is. The Snapdragon 835 doesn't even come close.

    Imagine Surface and Xbox devices with that kind of advantage. It could also help a lot with their server farms because they wouldn't have to pay license fees.

    And with Microsoft's abundant resources and technology AMD could finally give Intel and NVIDIA some real competition by licensing chips that are finely tuned for Windows 10 and thus much more powerful.

    • hrlngrv

      In reply to Ingi0m4rx:

      There'd be antimonopoly concerns, at least in the EU, which could prevent this. There's also the very real likelihood that MSFT simply won't be able to command the same profit margins as Apple. If not, would MSFT really want to go from a predominantly software and services company with ROE over 40% to a hardware company with ROE under 15%?

      • Ingiomar Martina

        In reply to hrlngrv:

        Antimonopoly? AMD is getting their asses kicked by both Intel and NVIDIA. If anything this could prevent a Monopoly from these two. AMD almost went bankrupt a few years ago, Only reason their stocks rose significantly was because of Consoles. And it looks like it could happen again because Zen CPU's aren't as good as their Intel counterpart which was expected.

        • hrlngrv

          In reply to Ingi0m4rx:

          MSFT buying AMD would cause concerns about freezing out PC OEMs. Maybe PCs have passed the point at which MSFT consolidating near full control wouldn't cause regulatory concern, but I suspect the EU would object.

          The reason would be MSFT having control of the predominant OS, possibly soon-to-be predominant processors, and becoming a major manufacturer of PC hardware. IOW, a vertical monopoly. Sure, Intel could still sell processors to other OEMs, but if MSFT tweaked Windows so it ran better on MSFT-branded hardware using AMD processors, it'd remain to be seen how MSFT were pricing its own systems.

  2. Rob7

    you have not done a review yet of MR (yes Paul did one yesterday) but you have done nothing in the VR area ??

  3. Jules Wombat

    OK, I realise we are supposed to have "moved on" to Android, but for the few of us who still prefer Windows Phone/Mobile. Do you believe Microsoft intends to release any Windows 10 Fall creators update to our W10 mobile phones ?

    And why doesn't Microsoft buy out Unity, so that they have a credible 3D development environment. Pain3D and 3D builder are pathetic silly little tools, no where comprehensive enough to support AR development. Most Indie developers are sing Unity or similar toolsets.

  4. irfaanwahid

    If the Andromeda thing happens next year, how does that solve the app problem that MS still got?

  5. irfaanwahid


    1) Does Invoke work with only Spotify? Or it can work with Apple Music too?

    2) How does it sound?

  6. akshay_sug

    Is there a possibility that the anticipated mobile device would be a hand held device which could be more around vr/ar/mr, specially that alex is involved in it.

  7. Tourniquet

    You think Microsoft is going to release a Surface 2017 (maybe even the 'Andromeda' device) with the Snapdragon 835 this year? They are still very tight lipped about the release of 'Windows on ARM' and it would be a bit odd if Microsoft wouldn't have a device ready for that.

    When they showed off "Windows 10 S" this year they had the Laptop ready, so it seems only logical that they would release some kind of hardware with it.

  8. Elindalyne

    How did your foray into RGB LEDs go? Any standout brands or products?

    You can pronounce my name as e-linda-lynn. Lets hear it for made up DnD names that have stuck with me since HS....

  9. Biswajit Deb

    1) Re: Surface Book 2 15-inch UK availability

    Any idea what the UK availability of the 15-inch Surface Book 2 is going to be? We've not heard about the non-US availability for the 15-inch model in November. How long do you think we would have to wait?

    2) Re: Xbox Play Anywhere titles on Surface Book 2

    People are saying that the GTX 1060 in the 15-inch SB2 is allowing 1080p 60fps gaming at High/Ultra settings in XPA games like Gears of War 4 and Forza Motorsport 7, which is awesome. As these games are built for Xbox One/One X and, when scaled to their PC counterparts, still run really well on the SB2, do you think future XPA games 2-3 years from now that built for the same Xbox One/One X platform (i.e. Halo 6) will continue to target the same the level of performance on their PC versions as they will have to for their console versions, or will the gap get wider and the PC editions of XPA games require more and more power to achieve the same quality/resolution/FPS?

    TLDR: Will future Xbox/PC AAA games (like Halo 6) also run at 1080p 60fps at High/Ultra settings on a SB2 in 2-3 years?


  10. ponsaelius

    One big reason why Windowsphone failed to gain traction was lack of apps and specifically lack of UWP apps. If Microsoft build "the ultimate mobile device" how will this problem be addressed? Will the "ultimate mobile device" suffer the same fate as Windowsphone by 2020?

  11. Lewk

    Do you think that Microsoft will make their own ARM powered devices? Surface tablets and laptops? Or will they leave that only to the OEM's? The stories about multi-day battery charge sound sublime and my Surface Pro 3 is almost due for an upgrade.

  12. Peter klobčič

    in my opinion the only reason the surface laptop exists is because Surface ("4") LTE with windows 10 S on arm is running late, so they pulled the laptop out of the storage, that's why it was revelled in may and not in march/april.

    do you think they will make surface laptop 2?

  13. Supergregnuma1

    Given what you have heard within Microsoft about Andromeda and this courier type device, do you think a new form factor device like this can be formalized without UWP or some type of app platform? UWP had been slow to grow. Would depending on progressive web apps be enough? I have my doubts that the current UWP and prospective progressive web app ecosystem will represent a strong enough and differentiated enough platform to formalize this new device form factor that tries to thread the needle between Phone and PC. Have you heard anything about Microsoft's plans to address the app ecosystem alongside these new device types?

  14. team56th

    What do you say if Google pulls Microsoft and launch their own Chrome shell for Windows 10? Microsoft Launcher seems to be doing well, which might give ideas to Google on how to make Chrome OS and stuffs take off.

  15. hrlngrv

    What were the HP engineers smoking when they designed the ZBook 2?

  16. ryguy

    Is the Mail & Calendar app update being rolled out in phases? I'm on 1709 on 3 computers, but 1 still has the old Mail, and isn't seeing an update in the Store. It's a little confusing why they would have some features associated with Windows updates (e.g. Mail & Calendar, Ondrive files on demand) roll out separately and in phases, while probably the most important feature to update separately from the OS (Edge) is so strictly tied to Windows udpates. This is all just one big practical joke, right?!?