Questions for 8 23 19?


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    Are the Surface Book, Laptop, and Pro all expected to be updated this year? 10th gen Intel processors or maybe a move to AMD?

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    Will it be possible like with Cyberpunk to play it at home on the Xbox than on the go with a smartphone and in a vacation on a laptop with Xcloud and progress where you left off ? 

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    When Xcloud is used on a Pc, will all game support mouse and keyboard input and will it be more extra work for the devs or not. 

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    Can we expect to see, or rather, not see, classic apps like old Paint preinstalled on LiteOS?

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    Any new info about studio acquisitions? Can we expect something in that regard at X019?

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    Do you think with Edge moving to the Chromium engine, that LiteOS might get the ability to run Android apps? Apparently, the bridge worked pretty well, and the work is already done. If they want to compete with Chromebooks, it seems an obvious feature to add.

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    With E3 weeks ago, and Gamescom coming to the end, what were the surprises for you for both events, and what are you most looking forward to gaming wise in the months leading up to next year's E3?

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    a few questions.

    With the cloud streaming box being cancelled, do you know if the scarlett games are still being developed with the cloud-aware 'local processing of inputs, world position and collisions' approach.

    I would love to see if / how that kind of development architecture would work in reducing latency in game streaming . I guess it would be a smoother experience considering how Hololens 2 does all the processing on the device and Azure Remote Rendering streams the content.

    Secondly, Hololens 2 was approved by the FCC and the devtools for it have gone GA. Is there any whispers in the grape vine as to when businesses and developers can purchase them.

    And finally, (sorry to bring this up) what happened to that ambient surface device ?

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