Samsung’s Galaxy A80 Brings the Company’s First New Infinity Display and Rotating Camera

Posted on April 10, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Android, Hardware with 18 Comments

Samsung is announcing a new Galaxy device: the new Galaxy A80. The company’s new Galaxy A80 is the first to feature its New Infinity Display, and it’s also the first to include a rotating camera design

The New Infinity Display design is Samsung’s way of saying the display doesn’t have any notch. The 6.7-inch FHD+ Super AMOLED screen on the Galaxy A80 will allow you to view your phone’s screen without having any notch, and that means Samsung had to come up with a way of putting the cameras somewhere else.

And that’s where the new rotating camera comes in. Samsung’s new rotating camera design allows the cameras on the A80 to mechanically pop-up and takes pictures/videos both on the back and front since it can rotate. The camera setup features a 48MP main camera, an ultrawide 8MP camera that apparently has the same viewing angle as the human eye, and a 3D depth camera. The 3D depth camera on the A80 is capable of Live Focus videos, which basically means you will be able to take Portrait Mode videos on the device. There’s also a “Super Steady” video mode that lets you “reduce video shake” to get the perfect shot.

On the inside, you are getting an octa-core processor, 8GB RAM, and 128GB of internal storage on the A80.

The device also has an Intelligent Performance Enhancer that uses AI to adjust the software, adjusting the battery, CPU and RAM of your device based on your usage to help you get the most out of your device.

For the battery, the Galaxy A80 comes with a 3,700mAh battery and Super-Fast Charging at 25W, as well as an “intelligent battery” feature that “learns your daily routine and app usage patterns” to optimise power consumption.

Coming in Phantom Black, Angel Gold, and Ghost White finishes, the device will be available on May 29th. Pricing is unknown.

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Comments (18)

18 responses to “Samsung’s Galaxy A80 Brings the Company’s First New Infinity Display and Rotating Camera”

  1. BrianEricFord

    Maybe the typical 2-3 year lifespan of a smartphone will obviate this, but if I’d be pretty nervous about that rotating camera’s longevity as a powered moving part. (You can actually see it catch in the video, but maybe that’s by design.)

  2. Daekar

    Looks pretty neat. While I would rather just have a phone without a selfie camera, this has potential if they can deal with waterproofing and keep failure rates down.

  3. brettscoast

    Thanks Mehedi the design is quite interesting and looks pretty cool. At least the notch is gone.

  4. Brazbit

    I always wanted a James Bond style flipping license plate on my phone!

    I like this. I never use the front camera so I could just put this in a standard case and voila no camera staring me in the face.

    "Phantom Black, Angel Gold, and Ghost White" Somewhere, someone got paid an inappropriate amount of money to come up with those names...

  5. mikes_infl

    That seems to lose the option of a selfie PIP while you're recording some event. For instance showing my expression while I'm recording my niece's first birthday party and sending it to a brother overseas. Or me recording some sporting event and showing my excitement in the PIP when something happens.

    It seems kinda gimmicky. Of course, it never bothered me too much having a top and bottom bezel. Even when they held sensors and switches. In fact I liked having them outside of the screen area. It seemed much easier to use without mishaps.

  6. wshwe

    Depending on price and availability people could be better off buying this instead of the S10. This phone was designed to compete against among other phones the OnePlus 6T.

  7. Lordbaal

    They A series are always 50% or more cheaper then the S series. So why would someone get the S10 or S10e over one of these?

  8. jtb3

    Missing from the discussion is "How does this phone get protected?" / "What about case design?"

  9. Ben Lee

    This is a pretty cool idea, I looked it first time around in the Oppo N1. Let's hope Samsung can pull it off betther than Oppo did.

  10. irfaanwahid

    One thing Samsung can proudly say, they never got into the whole Notch nonsense business as everyone else on the planet did, following Apple.

    I will definitely give Samsung on this.

  11. christian.hvid

    This is pure genius. While not the first to use a motorized camera to solve the notch problem (I believe that honor goes to Oppo), letting the main camera double as a selfie cam is a masterstroke.

  12. red.radar

    Thats a delightfully looking action. I could see myself just fidgetting with it all day long like a stressball.

  13. Trickyd

    looks very cool, I'd happily do without the front facing camera on any phone so this is a good start.

  14. Subhadip Sen

    That is pretty clever. Assuming it's reliable, it's truly the best of all worlds. All screen display, rear camera is instantaneous as always, selfie camera is now incredibly high quality. The only real disadvantage is you can't take a selfie instantly. For people like me that couldn't care less about the front camera (only use it for the occasional video call) this is pretty much ideal. Of course, till they can figure out the underscreen camera.

  15. karlinhigh

    If that rotating camera is reliable, I applaud Samsung for the notchless innovation.

  16. technow24

    Samsung has undraped the Samsung Galaxy A80 these days. it is the company's 1st smartphone with a slippy, rotating camera that permits for a The real camera.

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