New Qi2 Standard to Bring MagSafe-like Charging to Android

The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) is working with Apple on a new Qi2 wireless charging standard that will bring MagSafe capabilities to Android devices. Apple’s MagSafe proprietary technology does leverage the existing Qi standard, but it supports faster charging speeds and uses strong magnets to make it easier to align iPhones with magnetically attachable accessories.

“Apple and other WPC members developed the new Magnetic Power Profile, which is at the core of Qi2. Qi2’s Magnetic Power Profile will ensure that phones or other rechargeable battery-powered mobile products are perfectly aligned with charging devices, thus providing improved energy efficiency and faster charging,” the Wireless Power Consortium explained in a press release.

Just like Apple’s MagSafe technology, Qi2 will enable faster charging for some devices and it will also be a future-proof standard. “It will pave the way for significant future increases in wireless charging speeds that are safe, and energy-efficient and won’t shorten battery life or damage a user’s phone,” the WPC explained.

It’s not every day that we hear about Apple collaborating with the rest of the industry on technology standards. The company has been notoriously reluctant to abandon its proprietary Lightning port on iPhones, but the change is reportedly set to happen later this year. However, the upcoming Qi2 wireless charging standard may eventually pave the way for iPhones with no charging ports at all.

The first Qi2-certified mobile phones and chargers are expected to launch in the 2023 holiday season. The Wireless Power Consumption expects the new standard to help reduce e-waste by making all Qi2 devices interoperable with other brands.

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