Microsoft Says Surface Pro 3 Battery Problem Is A Software Fix

Posted on July 27, 2016 by Brad Sams in Hardware with 0 Comments

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Last week, users with a Surface Pro 3 and a Simplo battery were brought into the spotlight as being the latest issue with Microsoft’s hardware. The problem is that if you have one of these batteries in your Pro 3, the battery life has been cut to a fraction of its original capacity but there is good news on the horizon.

Microsoft is now saying that the fix is software related and that if your device is experiencing this problem, you do not need to pay upwards of $500 to get it fixed. That’s’ the good news, the bad news is that we don’t know when a software update will be released that will fix the problem which means if you are impacted, you are stuck in a holding pattern.

Following a post on the Answer forums, spotted by Mary Jo, where the issue was initially raised, Microsoft posted an update to the issue which you can find below.

We are aware of some customers reporting a scenario with their Surface Pro 3 batteries in which the system is reporting lower battery capacity than expected. We’ve isolated this to a limited number of customers experiencing this issue.

Based on our investigations we can confirm that it is not an issue with the battery cells, and we believe this is something that can be addressed via software.

We’re working through the details of how we deliver that.

If you are impacted by the issue, you will want to be paying attention to this support thread here as this is where the company is providing updates. While it would be preferred that a deadline be shared about when these devices will be fixed, at least it’s software related and won’t require impacted devices to be opened up for servicing.

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