Cortana Is Being Removed From Its Own Thermostat

Posted on August 12, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Microsoft with 24 Comments

Ok so remember the Cortana-powered thermostat that launched almost a year ago? Yeah, that really gorgeous thermostat with a translucent display, with Cortana at the heart of it? The one made by Johnson Controls that was widely promoted as a Cortana-powered thermostat?

Well, Cortana is getting kicked out, from its own house.

The Verge reports that Johnson Controls is rolling out a software update to the GLAS thermostat that gets rid of Cortana from the Cortana-powered thermostat. “The Microsoft Cortana voice assistant will no longer work on your device. Moving forward, you will still have access to other voice assistants to control your thermostat through the Works with functionality of Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant,” said Johnson Controls, in an email to GLAS users.

So yes, regardless of whatever you may have heard online about Cortana being a consumer-faced priority for Microsoft, this just continues to prove that wrong. I mean, Microsoft themselves are kicking Cortana off their own products, so you really can’t blame Johnson Controls here.

The whole situation is still hilarious, though. Alexa, play Sad Trombone.

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Comments (29)

29 responses to “Cortana Is Being Removed From Its Own Thermostat”

  1. StevenLayton

    So, the software update will improve the device then? (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

  2. Passinttd

    I mean, it's not like they are dragging consumers along and having them think that Cortana is going to stick around for years so that people invest in her only to find out that Microsoft never put any effort behind it and let it rot in the corner. Oh wait.


    Would like to add that I have one of these and have had it for a while now. Great looking device. App is slow as all get out. Cortana was 100% useless on this device. She could tell a joke but that was about it. Cortana on Invoke only worked once when I asked what the temperature of my house was and it had to be in very specific wording that was way to complex to give two cents about. All in all, my thermostat is not a spot where I really need an assistant at any way.

  3. YouWereWarned

    So I rounded up the two Invokes I placed in my elderly parents home because "that lady's out-of-nowhere voice scares your Mom". And my wife has already exiled our Invoke to the junkpile because "I don't want that woman listening to everything I say".

    So I plan to put the three Invokes in a circle then ask "Cortana--tell me about Cortana" and wait for the smoke to come out...

  4. chaad_losan

    The Assassination of Cortana!

  5. glenn8878

    I'm glad I upgraded from a mercury thermostat to a $20 off-brand thermostat. Microsoft needs to stop doing consumer oriented me-too projects. The only one they stuck with is Xbox... at least for now. And Surface.... how much longer?....

  6. bbold

    Yet another Microsoft thing to put on the sh*t list of products they've canned shortly after announcing them. I really feel at this point Microsoft needs to fire and re-hire its internal PR and marketing teams. As far as Consumers go, they couldn't sell water to a fish.

    • marius_muntean

      In reply to bbold:

      It's not that they can't, they don't want to have anything to do with consumer stuff on the most part. That's why you have bad PR, bad marketing and less competent resources for the consumer stuff, well, except xbox. I am quite surprised that they did not mess up the quality in the surface phones, although, at the amount of $$ those things cost, you can get same quality, much cheaper elsewhere.

  7. gregsedwards

    Wow. Glad I dodged that bullet, then. I had already invested in a several less-expensive Honeywell Lyric connected thermostats for my home, and I couldn't justify the expense of switching to Johnson GLAS just to get Cortana built into the device. Didn't really make sense anyway, given my thermostats are all within earshot of Invoke and/or Echo speakers, as well as my Xbox consoles, all of which feature some degree of Cortana integration. Plus, Honeywell integrates with both platforms, as well as SmartThings.

    All that said, I think it's disappointing, but by no means a death knell for the product or for Cortana. Look at the cited example of Xbox dropping the built-in Cortana voice commands. In this case, they're just re-designing the feature to work differently. The referenced article states that you'll still be able to interact with your Xbox via Cortana or Alexa (and probably others down the road), but you'll do it through another device, such as a smart speaker or app on your phone. They'll improve the command set to allow more targeted interactions than previously possible. That's an arguably better strategy, given that I already have an Invoke in the living room next to my Xbox console, and every time I say "Hey Cortana..." both devices step all over each other trying to accommodate my request.

    Cortana isn't going away, any more than Excel is going away. It's a foundation technology that powers a lot of the AI and ML at the core of today's Microsoft. It's likely to find a new role on your consumer devices, but they're in it for the long haul.

  8. nicholas_kathrein

    So Google is constantly get crap about killing things. I assume when other companies kill your products it different? Just asking for a friend.

  9. SvenJ

    Wonder when my Harmon Kardon Invoke speakers will dump her?

  10. csalese

    Perhaps if we beg Microsoft will finally give up on the consumer space outside of Office/mail/cloud storage and of course Xbox. Everything else they try just turns to sh#t!

  11. BlackForestHam

    Alexa, play Chopin’s Piano Sonata No. 2 for Cortana.

  12. hellcatm

    That's to bad. Cortana on Windows Phone was really good. She did one thing that I wish Google would do and that's how she handled text messages. I used that feature so often and every so often I look for something similar on Android and nothing comes close.

    Google is good and getting better, I haven't used Alexis much and well I won't even mention the other one. Cortana was a contender, just didn't get a really good shot. And Paul is right, a voice assistant on a PC right now isn't really useful. Until we get to Star Trek like functionality, it won't be. Maybe when the next breakthrough comes Cortana will come back? But then again maybe not.

  13. sandy

    So much then for that recent speculation of Samsung replacing Bixby with Cortana.

    • nicholas_kathrein

      In reply to Sandy:

      Really. Why would they ever do this? If Google is the leader in this and it's built in already to Android why would they settle on a worse 3rd party assistant? It's one thing if it's yours like Bixby and your trying to make your own controlled eco system but once your relying on a third party why on a worse one than the class leader?

  14. marius_muntean

    :)) maybe this time, the guys from windowscentral will have a more realistic attitude and stop being just a bunch of fanboys.

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