Amazon Launches New Kindle App on Mobile

Posted on October 24, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Cloud, Mobile, iOS, Android with 13 Comments

Amazon Launches New Kindle App on Mobile

Amazon today announced a major update to its Kindle app for Android and iOS.

“The all-new Kindle app makes it easier than ever to turn your phone or tablet into a book so you can read anytime, anywhere,” an Amazon announcement notes. “The Kindle app is designed for book lovers and provides easy access to the most popular Kindle features. You can effortlessly move between the pages of your book, your library, your personalized bookstore and more.”

Key new features in this major app update include:

All-new look. The Kindle app features a new look and feel that Amazon says is inspired by books. It features larger book covers, new fonts, a new app icon, and new light and dark background themes from which to choose.

One-tap access. A new navigation bar on the bottom of the screen automatically displays an icon of the book you’re currently reading, so that you can return to the reading experience at any time. This navigation bar also lets you switch between the pages of your book, your library, your personal bookstore, and more.

Easy search. The Kindle search bar is now always available throughout the app, so it’s easier than ever to find it.

Deeper Goodreads integration. Goodreads—an Amazon subsidiary with 65 million members—is built-in to the Kindle app on iOS only, allowing you to find new books to read, connect with readers who like similar books, and share the notes and highlights you’ve added to your own books. (iOS only and US only; Android support is coming in a future release.)

In related news, Amazon is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the original Kindle ebook reader by hosting a sale on most Kindle devices. Kindle ebook readers are up to 30 percent off, and services like Kindle Unlimited and Audible are also on sale for new members.

The new Kindle app launches today on iOS and on Android.


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Comments (13)

13 responses to “Amazon Launches New Kindle App on Mobile”

  1. cyloncat

    Let me guess.... They forgot to include in the announcement that the Windows Kindle reader has also been updated.

    Oh. Right.

  2. James Wilson

    Amazingly, the Kindle App on Windows 10 mobile (the original Windows 8 one) still works. There is an issue with the password (if you enter your Amazon password, it appears not to work, but Amazon then emails you a one time code which you use instead of your password) but once you enter the One Time Code, it all appears to work.

    Perhaps not as streamlined as the iOS or Android versions - but looks funkily retro on the large 950XL screen.

  3. Davor Radman

    Still no sideloading? :)

  4. CaedenV

    And still no decent desktop version.... would really help with referencing all my cisco books if I could get a decent desktop app.

    • Stooks

      In reply to CaedenV:

      Hmmm I use the Windows version every day. It is not a store/uwp app but it works just fine. I downloaded it from Amazon.

      Update: My PC version just auto-updated to the latest version and it looks the same as my iOS version.

      • CaedenV

        In reply to Stooks:

        This is excellent news! I'll give it another go.

        The old version had terrible crashing issues on all of my systems. I'd be reading and *poof* the app would just close for no reason. It was very frustrating.

    • navarac

      In reply to CaedenV:

      update today as well.

  5. Brian Devins

    One of my favourite aspects of the Kindle app was how easy on the eyes its black background was. I will sorely (literally) miss that aspect.

  6. Alex Taylor

    I'm not seeing the update yet, but expectations are very low.

    To me, the Kindle app is a case study in atrocious evolution over time.

    The Android app as pre-installed on my OG Asus Transformer was under 5MB, and reliably launched to the last read position in under a second.

    Today (before this update), the app itself is 175MB, plus a disproportionate amount of data per book, and typically takes 15-30 seconds to get to a readable state.

    I'm sure in this update they will have done their utmost to worsen the reading experience...

  7. navarac

    .....and the PC app(lication) as well.

  8. Jltuv

    Think Windows 10 app little strange with the width adjustment bar thing

  9. stenlivin

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