Outlook Now Supports iPhone X, Many Microsoft Apps Falling Behind

Posted on November 16, 2017 by Mehedi Hassan in iOS, Mobile with 16 Comments

Microsoft is today rolling out support for the Apple iPhone X on the Outlook app. Apple started shipping the iPhone X on the 3rd of November, and a majority of the apps were updated to support the device’s notch. Although apps like Facebook, Twitter, and some of Microsoft’s own apps were updated on launch day to support the new iPhone X, some popular apps weren’t quick enough to add support for the device.

This includes some of Microsoft’s popular apps like Outlook, Skype, and Xbox, but other apps like Spotify and Feedly are yet to be updated to support the new iPhone X as well. After nearly 2 weeks of testing, Outlook is finally embracing the notch on the iPhone X. The app has been updated to adapt to the iPhone X’s display and the notch, which means you can finally get rid of the huge software bezels around the app. Microsoft is yet to update a lot of its other iOS apps to support the iPhone X though — this includes Skype, Cortana, Bing, Office Lens, SharePoint, Remote Desktop, Groove Music, and more.

As a regular Outlook user, lack of iPhone X support has been quite annoying: the software bezels around unsupported apps on the iPhone X are quite huge, and they effectively make the device look like an old iPhone 6. To Microsoft’s credit, the company has started updating most of its apps to include iPhone X support — apps like Microsoft To-Do, OneDrive, OneNote, and other Office apps already support the iPhone X.

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