Apple’s Largest 2018 iPhone Will Reportedly Be Called iPhone Xs Max

Posted on September 5, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Apple, iOS with 28 Comments

Apple’s releasing three new iPhones next week: a 5.8-inch iPhone, a 6.1-inch iPhone, and a 6.5-inch iPhone. All the new iPhones have a design similar to the iPhone X and include iterative upgrades from last year’s iPhones.

Like every other year, there’s been a bunch of leaks about the new iPhones coming out next week. We already know how the 5.8-inch and the 6.5-inch models will look, for example. We even got to know the name of the new iPhone 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch last week: iPhone Xs. And now, 9to5Mac is reporting that the larger 6.5-inch model will be called the iPhone Xs Max, instead of the usual iPhone Xs Plus.

That’s an interesting change in branding for sure, especially because the public is already familiar with the Plus branding. I assume Apple is opting for the different Max branding to avoid confusion around pricing, as the iPhone Xs Max will likely be a lot more expensive than the usual iPhone Plus models. Either way, we will find out all the official details on the 12th of September. Only a few more days to go now.

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