You Can Now Pre-Order Surface Precision Mouse Too

Posted on November 9, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft Surface with 16 Comments

You Can Now Pre-Order Surface Precision Mouse Too

Surface Book 2 isn’t the only new Surface hardware that you can pre-order today: You can also pre-order a Surface Precision Mouse as well. It ships November 16.

It’s a pricey option at $99.99. And it’s decidedly a right-handed mouse only: Lefties need not apply. But if you can stomach the price (and are a rightie) this is actually a pretty decent pointing option, unlike most of Microsoft’s previous Surface-branded mice.

“Designed for exceptional accuracy, comfort, and control, the new Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse helps you stay in your flow with flawless scrolling, three customizable thumb buttons,1 and the ability to use with up to three computers at the same time,” the Microsoft Store website notes. “Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse helps you stay productive and in the flow with flawless transitions, patented magnetic scrolling for precise control, and a customizable design with three programmable buttons.”

The Surface Precision Mouse features both Bluetooth and wired USB connectivity, and it can be paired with up to three PCs, which is certainly unique. It’s even ergonomic, which is almost unheard of in Microsoft’s Surface peripheral lineup.

You can pre-order Surface Precision Mouse on the Microsoft Store for $99.99. If that’s too much money, you might also check out the goofy retro Classic IntelliMouse, which costs $39.99 and is available now.


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Comments (16)

16 responses to “You Can Now Pre-Order Surface Precision Mouse Too”

  1. harmjr

    I have Logitech MX Master and wonder how its size compares to this one.

    It just seems more designed and less comfort then the Logitech ones. Hope they get demo units out to play with in the stores. No way am I paying $99 for a mouse and not having it be the greatest mouse ever.

    • jboman32768

      In reply to harmjr:

      I agree - that mouse looks good but from the picture it looks like it's made from plastic.

      Everyone is different but I use a Level 10 mouse from thermaltake - great design, metal construction. If Microsoft's mouse is more expensive then it needs to be better.

    • jwpear

      In reply to harmjr:

      I'm having a hard time with that $99 price too. It better be made of the best quality materials and components, be buttery smooth, and have unparalleled reliability for that price.

  2. dalyIsaac

    Microsoft supporting the entire range of their products: "Customizable buttons and Smart Switching not available on Windows 10 S"

  3. Nivin Jose

    Does this come with a tiltable wheel?

  4. Andygoes

    "it can be paired with up to three PCs, which is certainly unique"

    It's not terribly unique. The Logitech MX Master can pair to three devices, either with the Unifying receiver or via Bluetooth. And I'll take the receiver over Bluetooth any day of the week!

    Edit: Corrected mouse model from Performance Mouse MX to MX Master.

  5. Tony Barrett

    Well, whatever it is, I've just picked myself up off the floor, and am taking stock of the $100 price - FOR A MOUSE! I don't care how it looks, ITS JUST A MOUSE. What profit are MS making on something like this? They're really stretching this 'premium' Surface thing to breaking point.

    • Tommy

      In reply to ghostrider:

      Around 40 hours of my week are spent with my hands and fingers either on a keyboard or on a mouse. My livelihood literally depends on these peripherals. $100 for a mouse that I'll use for, hopefully, years and years isn't that unreasonable to me.

  6. dougkinzinger

    Got mine coming. Been waiting to replace my Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer 2.0 for a long, long time.

  7. Tommy

    It looks great, but I'll definitely need to check one out in-store to pass judgment before buying. My Logitech MX Master is a great mouse ergonomically, but its scroll wheel gets "mushy" over time (it has a mechanism that switches between a "ratcheted" feel and a "free-spin" feel) and every 3-4 months I have to open it up and tighten up its connections. For a mouse that's in the same "class" as this Surface mouse, having to perform that type of regular maintenance is unacceptable.

  8. jimchamplin

    Why is the software for management of the device a Win32 package that looks like Windows 8 and will not run on Windows 10 S!?

    What was someone thinking? Not thinking? Stupid. Maybe Paul and Brad’s contacts can find out who came to work drinking NyQuil the day that decision was made.

  9. Juliusky

    I need to check it out first and it should have a great warranty to boot.

  10. jimchamplin

    Also, pity it's Bluetooth. Aka Blehtooth.

    Most Bluetooth drivers ship in a pre-borked state, especially if they come from Broadcom. The shadiest shitshow in technology.

  11. darkgrayknight

    Some day I'll get this, but probably need to wear out MS Sculpt Ergo mouse first.