Microsoft Cuts the Price of Surface Headphones by $100

Posted on May 19, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft Surface, Music + Videos with 38 Comments

In a sure sign that they are selling poorly, Microsoft has cut the price of Surface Headphones to a more reasonable $250. That’s a $100 price cut.

You can find Surface Headphones at, the Microsoft Store, and other retailers. But I’d appreciate you using my Amazon affiliate link if you are going to purchase a pair.

Microsoft announced Surface Headphones at the October 2018 hardware event at which it also unveiled Surface Studio 2, Surface Laptop 2, and Surface Pro 6. In a very brief demo, I found them to be solid and with excellent—and adjustable—noise canceling. But I prefer in-ear noise-canceling headphones, and after calling on Microsoft to make such a product, we found out that Microsoft is indeed planning to do just that.

It’s not clear whether the Surface Headphones price cut impacts those plans. But what is clear is that $350 was just too high of an asking price. So, at the very least, this price cut will make what appears to be a decent pair of over-the-ear noise canceling headphones more affordable.

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Comments (38)

38 responses to “Microsoft Cuts the Price of Surface Headphones by $100”

  1. Daekar

    Not surprising. They have to achieve a bit of brand recognition before being able to play in the same market as Bose and Sony.

  2. Rob_Wade

    I don't understand why anyone would spend even $200 for a pair of headphones. Sheesh. I won't even spend $100 on them.

    • lvthunder

      In reply to Rob_Wade:

      You obviously don't wear headphones while you work. I wear mine 6-7 hours a day for 5 days a week. So to get something that sounds good and is comfortable is worth that price.

    • yaddamaster

      In reply to Rob_Wade:

      The difference in audio quality and comfort between a cheap pair of $30 headphones and $150 is night and day. But in my experience once you cross the $200 threshold the advantage goes down unless you're a musician who plays regularly and needs custom-molded in-ears.

      Try a pair of Westone UM1's or UM2's and you'll be amazed. Especially if you like to listen to music while you work out or jog.

    • Paul Thurrott

      In reply to Rob_Wade:

      Noise-canceling headphones are a requirement for anyone who flies, commutes by train or bus, or works in a shared workspace. The price is justified if they work well, as with the Bose units I prefer.

    • YouWereWarned

      In reply to Rob_Wade:

      Sure you know--STATUS. Dr Dre's "Beats" brought snobbery main-stream, and anyone is insta-cool because they dropped $350 on $20 worth (maybe) of red plastic. The amusing part is Microsoft's belief that Surface Grey is also a "thing". Fortunately $16 BT4 earbuds have all the technology and benefits of these Bowerbird specials.

  3. will

    I wish they would have made these work with the Xbox system. Maybe they will launch a line for Xbox, but having something that sounds great, noise canceling, and a good mic is a solid win for Xbox.

  4. bluvg

    The variable noise cancellation on these is a revelation, particularly the option to add ambient noise. I have the Bose equivalent (won in a contest), which are very comfortable physically and sound OK, but over time, the noise cancellation gives you a kind of "head in a vise" feeling.

    $350 is ridiculous for these (and crazytown for the Bose), though. $250 is still high, but at least out of the absurd zone.

  5. PeteB

    $250 still absurd for the Cortana Invoke of headphones.

    Sony MX3 annihilate this headset and can be had for same money on sale pretty regularly.

    • geschinger

      In reply to PeteB:

      If you meant the Sony XM3... They can't even handle the basics. The most awful setup I've seen on a modern set of Bluetooth headphones when it comes to switching them between a laptop and phone. While I don't have a lot of experience with Surface headphones I do know they can at least handle that most basic of tasks where the Sony headphone experience completely falls apart.

  6. Chris

    They seem like a good set of headphones, but they cost $500 here in Australia. There's no way in hell I can afford that at the best of times.

  7. scj123

    Just a thought, would you be able to create an affiliate link to or any of the other Amazon sites, I would happily purchase through the UK site using it. Or is there a way that your affiliate link can be used on other Amazon sites. Or would you need to be a resident in those countries, starting to ramble now but you get the point :)

  8. moranp58

    If you already bought them can you get a refund?

  9. nobody9

    Still overpriced, big time.

  10. SpeedyPS

    I have found them to be great headphones. Sadly, I only purchased them a couple of weeks ago.

    I did find that the Salesperson tried to talk me out of buying headphones from Microsoft.

    Perhaps they had a commission on Bose or Sony?

  11. MCimino

    They should have started with much more aesthetically pleasing colors than clay gray. Can't get past that. They may work well, who knows. Even at $250 it just looks meh....

    • SvenJ

      In reply to MCimino: That's sort of a personal preference. Nothing wrong with that, just not universal. If they had other colors, such as they have in the Surface laptop line, I'd have picked the platinum. It's essentially the same color as I picked in my Bose set too.

  12. sgbassett

    I need to get to my local Microsoft Store to try these. I had some time to kills a few months ago at the airport in Orlando and wandered into one of those airport electronics stores. While there, I tried out the competing Sony WH-1000X and Bose QC 35 headphones. I far preferred the Sony headphones. I wonder how close the Surface headphones come to that standard?

    • MacLiam

      In reply to sgbassett:

      I bought the Sony headphones in preference to Bose just before Microsoft announced their offering. I have never regretted buying Sony, but I was interested to see that at least a few of the first Surface 'phones reviews said they were as good as Sony and Bose. I recall one reviewer who said the Surface 'phones were preferable, but not why he said so. My recollection is that the superiority of the Microsoft product was a minority position.

      • fraXis

        In reply to MacLiam:

        I own a pair of the Sony 1000xm3 and also the Surface Headphones. The Sony’s sound quality and bass are outstanding. The Surface Headphones are more comfortable than the Sony, but they don’t sound as good. The bass is especially different with it being more booming and sometimes peaking/distorting and not sounding good on the Surface. The Sony’s headphones bass is tight and defined and sounds really good.

  13. jrswarr

    Just what I have been waiting for. Ordered mine first thing this morning...

  14. jimchamplin

    They're really a wonderful product, honestly. Comfortable: The padding is soft, and they're stable on your head. No tipping forward and plummeting when you lean forward. Great sound: They rival the Sennheiser studio monitor headphones I previously used for everything else. I've switched mainly for the convenience of wireless operation, which leads me to... Battery life: I regularly get 8-10 hours off of one charge.

    At $250 they're pretty reasonable really.

    • SvenJ

      In reply to jimchamplin: Agree with all of that. I find them competative with Bose and Beats at the old price. (I own those). Each have pros and cons. At $100 less they really deserve consideration. MS just doesn't have the cache of the other brands in this field, but they made a great product. My wife mentioned she actually sees them at the gym. The variable noise cancelling may be a plus there, I don't know. My only complaint would be that they don't fold for storage, so the case takes up more room than Beats and Bose.

  15. Vladimir Carli

    At this price point they can at least be considered. 350$ was completely outside the market

  16. Bats

    $250 is still too much. Does this headset come with a microphone? If not, then $150 would be the ideal price. With a microphone it would be worth having at $200. Forget Bose, B&O, etc...they are in a different league. However with a $200 price tag, they can wrestle with the like Astro, Razer, Turtle Beach, etc....

    Also, one should be buying this headset. Mainly because Microsoft made it and you know what happens with Microsoft branded products.

  17. PanamaVet

    Was that picture taken in a museum? The grayscale color scheme and awkward design remind me of floppy drives. $350, $250, all of the reviews I read recommend established brands in this price range. They do like the sturdy case. This is a Microsoft consumer product married to Cortana. Keep an eye out for the headphones and Cortana at

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