Problemas (Premium)


As J.R.R. Tolkien observed of writing The Lord of the Rings, “this tale grew in the telling.” And so it went with this rundown of some of our many problems in Mexico. Originally, I had intended to discuss these topics in a section in a “What I Use: Mexico 2021” article that I’ll still post in a few days. But this description of our problems, some technical in nature, some not, is large enough to warrant an article of its own. So here we are.

To be clear, this has been an incredible trip. But it’s also incredible how many issues we’ve had. It’s made the trip feel much longer than it is as we see-saw between stress and exhaustion. Oddly, none of this has ruined anything, and we’ve still had a great time. But let me step through a partial list of a rather incredible list of problems, mostly small, but all annoying in their own way.

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