More Mobile: Minimizing and Overthinking (Premium)


Last month, I began writing about my experiments with more mobile PC setups for productivity and gaming. Since then, those experiments have evolved, at least on the productivity front. (Gaming remains an open question.) By which I mean, I’ve weathered the transition from a desktop PC-based setup to a laptop-based setup, successfully and for the first time. And I have a few observations.

First up, I’ve switched desks. I’ve had some nice home office furniture in years past, but after moving to Pennsylvania four years ago, I switched to an inexpensive IKEA standing desk. It used a hand crank instead of a motorized mechanism, which means that I stopped using it quickly because it was so cumbersome to move up and down. Worse, the desk was wobbly because, well, it was made by IKEA and didn’t have very secure connections between the top and the legs. I never really liked it.

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