Fitbit OS 3.0 Brings New Third-party Apps, Improved Dashboard

Posted on December 17, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Fitbit, Wearables with 7 Comments

Fitbit is rolling out a massive update for devices powered by the Fitbit OS. With Fitbit OS 3.0, Fitbit is introducing a bunch of new features for those with the company’s Ionic and Versa smartwatches.

Fitbit OS 3.0 introduces an improved dashboard that allows users to quickly view their fitness stats and data. The updated experience also allows users to quickly log fitness data like weight and water intake. The update also introduces new goal-based exercise modes that should encourage you to work out more — for example, you can now set goals for running or even burning calories. These goal-based exercise modes show real-time stats and progress, as well as celebrations once you reach your goal.

Fitbit is introducing 10 new health apps as part of Fitbit OS 3.0. The new apps include Couch to 5K, Genius Wrist, achu health, and MySwim Pro. the company will add six other apps in early 2019, including Charity Miles, FitBark, GOLD’s AMP, MINDBODY, Noonlight, and TRX.

Fitbit is introducing other new features as part of Fitbit OS 3.0, including things like new developer APIs, as well as menstrual cycle trends for women on its Female Health Tracking feature.

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Comments (7)

7 responses to “Fitbit OS 3.0 Brings New Third-party Apps, Improved Dashboard”

  1. provision l-3

    Not being a Fitbit user I'm haven't payed particularly close attention to what features their watches do and don't have. I had no idea how woefully behind they were. These fitness goals have been in Garmin offerings for over a decade and even the Apple Watch had them at launch.

    • IamDefiler

      In reply to provision l-3:

      Agreed yet Apple Watch still doesn't have built-in localized weather which updates based on your current location. There still is no perfect wearable, but I feel companies are getting closer.

      • jongross

        In reply to IamDefiler:

        Conversely the Apple watch doesn't have first party or good third party sleep tracking. Something the blaze, ionic and versa all have in box.

        • provision l-3

          In reply to jongross:

          Yeah, and Garmin (or at least my model) is barely ahead of the Apple Watch. Apple at least sella a sleep monitoring accessory but that is another 150 bucks and I can't really justify it.

      • provision l-3

        In reply to IamDefiler:

        Weird, mine has a built in weather app and the first location on it when I bring it up is my current location.

        I agree there was no perfect wearable but there is a bit of room between "not perfect" and lacking really basic functionality. Having workouts with a calorie goal is really basic for something that is marketed as a fitness device. As far as devices go my preference is for Garmin. I had hoped I could replace my 5 year old Garmin with the Apple Watch when they made it water proof. But the workout app is limited when it comes to building structured workouts, optical HR monitors are still pretty crappy, no power meter support ... So, the Garmin is still around.

  2. Bats

    Apple has got this new EKG tech in the smartwatches now. I would wait for this tech to land in Fitbits and Wear OS watches before coughing up the cash to buy one.

    • provision l-3

      In reply to Bats:

      The EKG thing is certainly a feature that helps the Apple Watch stand out but realistically the majority of people don't have a medical reason to take a EKG with any frequency. So, I would imagine that for most this isn't worth holding out for.