Google Chrome Lands on the Microsoft Store As a Download Link

Posted on December 19, 2017 by Mehedi Hassan in Windows, Windows 10 with 88 Comments

Update: The Google Chrome Installer has now been pulled from the Microsoft Store following all the backlash from users. It’s not clear whether Google or Microsoft removed the app from the store. That’s one less crapware on the Microsoft Store, so this is good news either way. Thanks to Aaron C. for the tip.

Original story follows below.

Google is bringing its Chrome browser to the Microsoft Store in Windows 10. Exciting, right?

No. The company today released the Google Chrome Installer on the Microsoft Store, which is a modern Windows 10 web wrapper app that loads the Google Chrome download page. From there, users follow the usual download link to download and install the browser using the default browser on their operating system. And that’s basically it.

Yes, really.

To be fair, Microsoft does not allow web browsing apps on its store unless they are using the EdgeHTML and JS engines provided by UWP, which is potentially the reason behind Google not bringing the actual Chrome browser to the Microsoft Store as it uses Chromium.

Still, Google has never cared much for the Microsoft/Store in the past, and the company’s newest app for Microsoft’s app store simply reiterates that. At the end of the day, the Google Chrome Installer is still very, very pointless — the only functionality of the so-called installer is to open the download link for Chrome on your default browser. It basically removes the need for you to open Internet Explorer (or Microsoft Edge) and manually go to the Chrome download page everytime you set up a new Windows 10 installation.

-5/5 stars.

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