PowerToys 0.19 Arrives with Improved Zone Editor and Remap Updates

Posted on June 30, 2020 by Brad Sams in Windows with 5 Comments

Microsoft has released an update for PowerToys that bumps the release number to 0.19. The focus of this release was adding stability and quality fixes but there are a couple of minor updates as well.

If you aren’t familiar with PowerToys, it’s a free app from Microsoft that adds advanced functionality to the OS. Examples include being able to create new window snapping regions, remapping keys, and updated search tools.

The changelog is below:

  • Big push for PowerToys Run search quality fixes
  • PowerToys Run can now remap to any key shortcut (minus restricted ones such as WinKey+L)
  • Improved FancyZones on Virtual Desktops and multi-thread design
  • Installer after 0.19 will no longer restart Windows Explorer
  • Fixed #2012 – Uninstalling with old control panel fails
  • Fixed #3384 – PowerToys Settings window is empty
  • Over 100 bug fixes!

What you will find useful with PowerToys is unique to your workflow but one helpful feature that I use is the key remapping. I have a dedicated key that is used for muting my mic when using Teams so that I don’t have to try and click the microphone icon before using my obnoxiously loud keyboard.

You can download the app here or run the update from inside the application if you already have it on your machine.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “PowerToys 0.19 Arrives with Improved Zone Editor and Remap Updates”

  1. curtisspendlove

    Keymapping mic mute is brilliant. Stealing. ;)

  2. CRoebuck

    Downloading for the exact same use case with Teams, nice one !

  3. wright_is

    I'm glad you can change PowerToys Run to not use the most useful and critical key combination!

    Alt+Space is the way to open the window menu on every window. It is about the only way to bring an out of range window back on screen and visible!

    When I saw PT Run was using Alt+Space, that was the biggest head slap moment I've had for a long time with Windows.

  4. ewand

    How do you do the keymapping for mute? The only way I can see would be to create a separate shortcut to replace CTRL+SHIFT+M ...?