Microsoft Ships a Redstone 4 Build with New Features

Posted on October 13, 2017 by Brad Sams in Windows 10 with 31 Comments

Now that Microsoft has signed off on Redstone 3 and will begin shipping it next week to everyone around the globe, it’s time to shift focus to the next update to Windows 10. Today, Microsoft has released Redstone 4 build 17017 and it has several new features.

In this release, the company is adding Cortana Collections. This idea behind this feature is that it can gather items that are related to your interests, content that you may have forgotten, and other contextually-aware information and place it into a collection for easy viewing. As always with Microsoft, this beta feature is only available for those Insiders who live in the US.

In this release, the company is moving Cortana’s proactive content into the Action Center. The idea is that now when you look at Action Center you can see everything that needs your attention in one spot rather than in two places.

Finally, Microsoft is bringing Startup Apps into the Settings panel and as the name suggests, this is where you can manage what apps open on startup. Additionally, this new page will tell you if these apps will impact the startup time of your machine as well.

There are also a handful of bug fixes in this release and you can view the announcement post, here. Seeing as we are in the early days of using Redstone 4 builds, I’d expect to see a lot of new features showing up over the next couple of months.


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Comments (33)

33 responses to “Microsoft Ships a Redstone 4 Build with New Features”

  1. cyloncat

    "An update is being prepared for your device, but it's not quite ready yet. We'll keep trying or you can try again now."

    The good news is that MS is aware; you can go to the feedback hub, search for 17017, and run a data capture (from the incident report) while trying it again, so they can try to see why it's happening. That's nice improvement in the feedback hub that I hadn't seen before.

  2. straker135

    Looks like another foobar from the good folks at Microsoft Update. Lots of comments on various fora from Insiders who are having errors particularly "An update is being prepared for your device, but it's not quite ready yet. We'll keep trying or you can try again now." 'Retry' fails very reliably on my desktop, HTPC and Surface Laptop, as others are finding. Troubleshooter identifies problems with Update component(s) which it is unable to fix, or 'fixes' without actually achieving anything. I have messaged the Insider Team. They need to pull this one and try again when it is actually ready.

  3. Win74ever

    Microsoft is doing everything wrong. They should be providing the best Windows experience ever with Windows 10 but they're just annoying users. Windows will be dead very soon.

  4. hrlngrv

    If my system is a guide, there'll be another build early next week if not over the weekend.

  5. MutualCore

    Seriously if you have to manually add stuff to Cortana collection, then MS failed. Cortana should be proactively adding things using machine learning, isn't that the point of the AI revolution?

  6. Jhambi

    LOL - Microsoft Bob v2.0

  7. derylmccarty

    I got the same response a couple of hours ago, then took a nap and am back tried again and 17017.1000 is installing just fine. The bottom line is patience and use any annoyance like this as an excuse for a nap and you will be much happier. Of course I am fully retired and can make that choice, those of you still in the work in order for your children eat have fewer options.

  8. chrisrut

    Hmmm. Cortana Collections could be the tip of a personal fave wish-list item: a tool with the ability to scan every drive and folder I can access (like a tame virus...), deduplicating all of that to the cloud (and/or a local repository), then dynamically indexing it by time, place, form, and event, like your mind does...

    Oh well. As my grand daughter recently quipped: The definition of "AI" is "As if..."


  9. Rob_Wade

    Well, crud. An absolutely useless development for those of us who hate the Action Center and don't use it all.

  10. JustDavid

    My 32 bit tablets seems to be installing the update. But my 64 bit laptop and my 64 bit Test VM are both getting the

    "An update is being prepared for your device, but it's not quite ready yet. We'll keep trying or you can try again now."

  11. ommoran

    Brad, Brad, BRAD! A couple *OF* New Features.

    I know. Language has too many rules to follow. You write for a living, please don't slip down that slope. It takes you *thru* things that shouldn't exist, *str8* to txt-spk land.


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