Windows 10 Version 1803 to be Called the Spring Creators Update

Posted on March 8, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 66 Comments

Windows 10 Version 1803 to be Called the Spring Creators Update

Microsoft has still not officially announced its branding for Windows 10 version 1803. But now we know the real name.

And yes, it’s the Spring Creators Update. Sorry. If it helps, yes, this is my fault. Someday I’ll tell that story.

But as I’ve pointed out in the past when others complained about this groan-inducing re-use of the same name over and over again, it makes sense. Spring Creators Update is consistent with the naming used for previous two Windows 10 feature updates.

Many will complain, naturally. That’s what we do.

Spring isn’t Spring in some parts of the world, for example. Spring doesn’t help identify the year, either. What’s Microsoft going to do for Windows 10 version 1903? Call it the Spring Creators Update … again?

Sure. Why not?

After all, Xbox reuses Spring and Fall in its own system updates, and it never makes any mention of the year. And more to the point, Spring Creators Update is just the name of the update, it’s not really the name of the resulting Windows 10 version. The real name of this thing is Windows 10 version 1803. That name is cast is stone, and it cannot be confused for other Windows 10 versions.

More to the point, when it comes to Windows 10, we have plenty of real issues to raise, and the name of a single feature update, or even the overarching product branding that Microsoft uses across multiple features updates, simply doesn’t crack the list. It’s just not that important.

Anyway, we learned about the naming when The Walking Cat on Twitter asked about how Windows 10 version 1803 identifies itself internally via PowerShell. The answer? The Windows 10 Spring Creators Update.

Get used to it. Fall will arrive eventually, and then we can start complaining again.