Chrome Notifications Could Finally Be Coming to the Windows 10 Action Center

Posted on March 9, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Google, Windows 10 with 11 Comments

When Google introduced push notifications support in Chrome, the company built its own notification centre for the browser. But now that Windows 10 has its own notification center, Google could finally let users use the native Windows 10 notifications for Chrome extensions and web apps.

First noticed by a Reddit user, Chromium is getting a new flag that lets users Enable Windows notifications. The new flag is yet to be available in Chrome Canary, however. The feature was first requested by a Chrome user back in 2015, but it’s finally coming to the browser after nearly 3 years. It’s not clear if Chrome will automatically use Windows notifications by default or if users will be required to manually enable it. If users are required to manually enable Windows notifications, it will probably be buried somewhere in chrome://flags.

Chrome switching to native Windows notifications makes a lot of sense, mainly because of the fact that Google is getting ready to launch support for desktop Progressive Web Apps. PWAs would, therefore, likely be able to work in the background and notify you through the Windows 10 Action Center even when the browser isn’t open.

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Comments (11)

11 responses to “Chrome Notifications Could Finally Be Coming to the Windows 10 Action Center”

  1. wright_is

    Was that Chrome user Paul, by any chance? ;-)

  2. harmjr

    Oh yes one more thing for me to figure out how to turn off!

  3. arunphilip

    Good - I like it when applications & apps plug into native functionality that offers a consistent user experience, notifications being one.

  4. NT6.1

    That's nice. I finally will have some use to the Windows 10 Action Center. I never get notifications since I don't use UWP apps.

    • warren

      In reply to NT6.1:

      Eh? Has nothing to do with UWP. Notifications have been a part of the Windows API for 20 years -- you know, "Java Update Available" balloon pop-ups and so on? In Windows 10, they go into the Action Center instead of being lost forever.

  5. Otto Gunter

    Good move. Maybe I'll think about using Chrome now. Ok, I've thought about it and it's still no thanks.