Microsoft Store Gets Improved Design in Windows 10

Posted on July 20, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Windows 10 with 14 Comments

Microsoft is rolling out a new look for the official Store in Windows 10. The company has been making a lot of changes to the Store ever since it unveiled Fluent Design, and the latest update brings a beautiful new look for app and game listings in the store.

The improved look for app and game listings includes new animations, as well the depth effects (read: drop shadow) from Fluent Design. With the improved look, the Microsoft Store looks much like what it was supposed to look like when Microsoft first teased Fluent Design. The new design looks identical to the new online Microsoft Store where Microsoft redesigned product listings with a modern look several weeks ago.

Here is how the game listings look:

The update, first spotted by Aggiornamenti Lumia, also brings a new option to install apps remotely on other devices from your current device. This works much like you can install apps on your Xbox One from your PC, and it’s been available to Insiders for a while now.

Microsoft is slowly rolling out the update to all Windows 10 users, so you may not get the update instantly. Even if you do have the latest update, you may not have the new design as it seems to be a server-side update which is being rolled out in different stages.

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Comments (14)

14 responses to “Microsoft Store Gets Improved Design in Windows 10”

  1. Dan1986ist

    Has anyone tried the install on my devices option in the dropdown thing to the right of the install/launch button?

  2. Robert Wade

    I'm not seeing that version. The version on my Insider device still has the broken ellipsis menu.

  3. karlinhigh

    What I wish they'd do is offer a "details view." It would get rid of all the move-poster graphics and allow sorting and filtering by app categories and publishers.

  4. BoItmanLives

    Now if the windows 10 store would only get some improved apps.

    • FalseAgent

      In reply to BoItmanLives:

      it has come a long way, plenty of good ones already in there including Tweeten, mytube, etc. And of course there's the usual Win32 fare like Spotify.

      • BoItmanLives

        In reply to FalseAgent:

        Tweeten? Mytube? Lol I rest my case. Third worlder knockoff apps instead of just going to YouTube or Twitter in Chrome and getting the real thing? Uh no thanks

        • FalseAgent

          In reply to BoItmanLives:

          Um. There's an official Twitter app in the Store too. I just was using Tweeten as an example because just based on it's own merit, it's a good app. And it's developed by Mehedi, who...if you don't know, is a writer here. Unless you consider writers as "third worlder knockoff" I think you're just embarrassing yourself.

  5. scottkuhl

    I like the new interface, but I wish they would put more effort into search and discovery. I mean with all the AI push from Microsoft, this seems like a place to focus it. And where are all those PWA apps that were suppose to be automatically added by searching the web? The store still needs a lot of work.

  6. IanYates82

    I noticed the web version has improved with the new ultimate game sale - I can preview details about the games rather than having to open a new tab per game. Looks similar to the store screenshot above. Definite improvement!

  7. Birraque

    Doesn't install apps on Windows 10 Mobile (15254.490). #Microsoft #FAIL

  8. NT6.1

    What a waste of time for them. We need new and updated Win32 tools. No one gives a damn about these "modern" apps.