Mail for Windows 10 Picks Up Ink Support

Posted on August 8, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 9 Comments

The Mail app that comes with Windows 10 was recently updated to support Windows Ink-based drawing and note-taking capabilities.

“Mail for Windows 10 now supports ink,” a Microsoft support web page explains. “Take notes on pictures or add a drawing using a pen or your finger.”

To access this functionality, create a new email message and select the new Draw tab. Then, select the message body area and then the Drawing Canvas command in the toolbar. A resizable area for writing and drawing will appear, and the other commands in the toolbar—Draw with Mouse or Touch, Eraser, Pen (1, 2, and 3), Highlighter, and Add Pen—will become available.

If you’re familiar with Ink-capable apps like Sketchpad, these commands should be familiar. The Pen buttons, for example, support pop-up pallets for selecting a pen size and a color or pattern.

As Microsoft notes, you don’t need a smartpen to draw or write in an email: You can use your finger on a multitouch-capable PC too.

Also, if you embed an image in an email message, you can draw or write on that as well.

You can learn more about Mail’s support for Windows Ink on the Microsoft website. And I will add a description of this functionality to the Windows 10 Field Guide soon, too. As a reminder, the book is now less expensive than ever: You can buy it here.

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