Windows 10 Version 1903 Hits Double-Digit Usage Share

Posted on July 29, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 13 Comments

Usage of the latest version of Windows 10 has hit 11.4 percent this month, according to the latest data from AdDuplex.

“Windows 10 [version 1903] has gained another 5 percent [in usage] since last month and is now on 11.4 percent of more than 100,000 PCs surveyed,” the latest AdDuplex report explains. “Interestingly, almost all of this growth seems to be coming from users upgrading from [Windows 10 version 1803] as [Windows 10 version 1809] is hovering around 30 percent steadily.”

That is interesting. Last month, Windows 10 version account for just 6.3 percent of all Windows 10 usage, so this month’s gain almost represents a doubling of usage. But AdDuplex is right: Usage in Windows 10 version 1809 has barely moved. In May, it represented 31.3 percent of all Windows 10 usage out in the world, compared to 30 percent last month and 29.7 percent this month.

Meanwhile, Windows 10 version 1803 is the most frequently used version of the product. In May, this version accounted for 61.1 percent of all Windows 10 usage, but that figure dropped to 58 percent in June and then to 53.7 percent this month. The most widely-deployed version of Windows 10 so far is finally on the way down.

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Comments (13)

13 responses to “Windows 10 Version 1903 Hits Double-Digit Usage Share”

  1. wright_is

    One thing to remember is that most new PCs in the channel are installed with images based on 1803 or 1809. And a lot of those don't get offered the update to 1903 - isn't there some check in Windows 10 that won't offer the upgrade in the first 30 days of use?

    Frustrating for us, setting up new machines. We want them up to date and stable, we don't want them suddenly doing an upgrade after a month of use! As it is, most of the machines go onto WSUS, so that isn't an issue, but we are currently pushing new machines with 1903 out (as 19H2 will be a rollup for 19H1, it makes sense to get as many as possible on 19H1, as we won't have to upgrade them until 2021).

  2. jchampeau

    Remember that one time Android got all fragmented and there were a whole bunch of different versions in use out in the wild? I'm glad Windows isn't like that.

  3. scarper86

    Every few weeks Windows update on my desktop gleefully tells me there's a new version of Windows and it chugs through the update process, gets to about 90% then freezes and reverts back to 1803. It's done this at least 4 or 5 times. My laptop updated with no problem.

    • mrlinux11

      In reply to scarper86:
      I had the same issue

      Does your desktop have any attached USB drives, or even phantom ones ? My Lenovo desktop had phantom drives, I had to disable USB in bios and then it upgraded fine.

  4. sparrow

    I have installed 1903 three times over the last month...always with a later complication discovered...I'll stick to 1809 for now...

    If you are an artist or photographer, and calibrate your screen with a physical calibrating device (e.g. Spyder, X-Rite, etc.), you may as I did, discover that 1903 has severe color management bugs...your color profiles may not be salvageable...check with your calibration hardware device manufacturer before experimenting with 1903...

    I hope I save others from the mess I went through with ver. 1903 and personal color management...

    • wright_is

      In reply to sparrow:

      Have you looked at the July CU update?

      There are many fixes and improvements but one of the most important is an update for an issue that may display colors incorrectly when viewing an image on 10-bit display panels. Other fixes include improvements in Bluetooth audio quality when using certain audio profiles for extended periods and an update for an issue that may prevent a device from going to Sleep mode when some applications that rely on Bluetooth are open. For the full list of fixes, see Microsoft’s website here.

  5. hrlngrv

    If MSFT is going to save words at the expense of precision by dropping Online [edited] from the version name of Office web/browser apps, why not drop the 10 from the last version of Windows? Just call the current latest version Windows 1903 (as if the 3 meant anything specific).

    Aside from MSFT and rabid fans, who wants 2 major upgrades per year? Certainly not MSFT's enterprise customers.

  6. Greg Green

    And support for half of Win 10 users (1803) ends in 4 months, unless they’re enterprise. This is not working out the way MS expected.

  7. digiguy

    Not surprising, all my 10+ windows machines were on 1803, except my surface 3 on 1809, some upgraded finte to 1903, others said my machine it's not ready yet, which is worring since this version expires in November...

  8. dontbeevil

    that's what happens when the automatic download start t have green light on more systems, but you were fast to complain against the slow adoption when was not even officially released