Stardock SoundPackager 10 Modernizes Sound Schemes in Windows 10 (Updated)

Posted on February 26, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 88 Comments

UPDATE: I just emailed the winners of Stardock’s SoundPackager 10 giveaway! Please check your inbox, and thanks to Brad Wardell and Stardock for this opportunity. —Paul

Continuing its theme of filling in the blanks in Windows, Stardock this week released a new sound scheme manager called SoundPackager 10. It helps users change the default sounds in Windows using themed sound schemes that it calls sound packages.

“SoundPackager 10 adds cloud access to thousands of different sounds, along with a number of all-new sound packages designed to give Windows users additional choices in how their PC sounds,” Stardock writes in the product announcement. “Users can also create their own sound packages to share with others via an in-app editor.”

That Windows doesn’t include such a tool is of, course, classic Microsoft: The operating system has long supported configurable sound schemes, which today are buried in a classic Control Panel interface that’s hard to find and hasn’t been seriously updated since the days of Plus! packs. Worse, Windows 10 doesn’t even come with any sound schemes: All you get is the standard set of sounds.

Stardock SoundPackager 10 fixes that. It provides a modern interface to the sound schemes functionality that Microsoft ignores. And it provides access to a cloud-hosted library of sound schemes that users can browse and download.

You can learn more from the SoundPackager website. But SoundPackager costs just $4.99, and there is a 30-day trial if you’re not sure you need it. (Plus, Stardock makes the app available as part of its Object Desktop family of utilities as well.)

And if you are interested in this app, let me know in the comments: Stardock has given us several product keys to give away, so I’ll leave the comments open for 24 hours and select some winners randomly. Thanks!

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