Microsoft Teases Me … and a Few Minor Changes in Windows 10

Posted on June 4, 2015 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 0 Comments

In an unusual move, Microsoft’s Gabe Aul has tweeted a few screenshots of an internal Windows 10 build that show a few minor changes over the current, publicly-accessible build for Insiders. More important, Mr. Aul has done me one better in the wake of my tweets yesterday about Windows 95, Plus! 95, and Office 95.

First, the backstory. In preparing for today’s Throwback Thursday post, I installed Windows 95, Plus! 95, and Office 95 in a virtual machine when a thought occurred to me: I had a feeling that Office 95 would install and run just fine in Windows 8.1, and do so alongside Office 2016. And I was right, it works just fine. So I posted the following pictures to Twitter.



I probably should have just done this in Windows 10, but my main desktop PC dual-boots between Windows 10 and Windows 8.1, and the virtual machine software is in Windows 8.1, and, well, you know. Anyone, Gabe one-upped me and showed that Office 95 works just fine in Windows 10 as well.



I will just point out that I did the work to ensure I had the Windows 95 wallpaper as well. Come on, Gabe. You’re just mailing it in. Which I have of course tweeted:


With regards to Windows 10, there are two minor changes to be seen in this build when compared to the publicly available build 10130: The caret icon to the left of the system tray has been updated, as has the File Explorer icon. Again, nothing major. But of note because Microsoft is the source.

OK, moving on. 🙂

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