Microsoft Shows Off Start Menu Changes Being Considered For Anniversary Update

Posted on March 31, 2016 by Brad Sams in Windows 10 with 0 Comments

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Microsoft is looking to refine the Start menu for the next major update to Windows 10 called the Anniversary update. While the company is not committing to any of the designs, they are looking to make changes to the experience based on feedback from Insiders.

The goal is to improve the ‘All Apps’ section to make it more user friendly and the company is looking at several options to address the feedback that they have received. In a Sway post by Microsoft’s Peter Skillman, Brian Uphoff, Eric Papamarcos, and Jen Gentleman, the company shared what they have been working on for the update coming this summer.


In the images that you can see in this post, the company is showing the before and after changes to the menu and they are looking for your feedback about this update. If you open up the Insider Hub, you can find a new quest that leads you to this Sway (spotted by MSPoweruser) that highlights the changes.


This is one of the many changes Microsoft is considering for the Anniversary update. After the announcement yesterday, some users were upset that this release would be quite small in enhancements but as we can see today, they did not list all of the changes coming in the keynote.


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