Windows 10 Dark Theme Set To Arrive With Anniversary Update

Posted on April 4, 2016 by Brad Sams in Windows 10 with 0 Comments


Windows Store Dark Theme From Early Build Of Windows 10

This summer, Microsoft will be releasing a new update for Windows 10 called the Anniversary update. When it lands on your PC, it will bring with it several new features like improved inking supported, updated Start menu and lot more.

At Build last week, Gabe Aul hinted that a dark theme will also arrive with this update and after asking around, I was able to confirm that the internal builds Microsoft employees are using have a ‘dark theme’ toggle in the Settings menu.

When you enable the theme, it turns everything not colored by your personalization color to the darker setting and is system-wide.

This feature, which you have been able to turn on via a registry hack for some time, is nearing completion; in older builds Cntrl+T in the Windows store would enable the dark theme. While not a huge feature, it goes to show that Microsoft did not announce everything at Build last week that will be coming when the Anniversary update arrives.

I’m not quite sure when this feature will be included in the branch that is pushed down to Insiders but for those of you hoping to get a new release on Monday, Aul has said that there will be no builds today.

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