Next Build of Windows 10 Redstone Includes Refined Update Progress UX

Windows Update Hero

In the past week or so, we have seen Microsoft announce several UI enhancements coming to Windows 10; the Start menu will be refined in an upcoming release and now the company is saying that the Windows Update process will see a few improvements as well.

The company posted a ‘quest’ to the its Feedback hub in Windows 10 that shows off the changes that you can see in the image above. The screen now shows more details about what is being updated and how soon the process will be completed.

Microsoft has not released a new build of Windows 10 since its Build conference last week, I suspect we won’t have to wait too much longer to get new bits. When the next version is released, it will include the improvements to Windows Update and likely the new Start menu as well; hopefully we will also see some of the features announced last week like the improved inking support.

Seeing as this quest specifically says that this update is for the next flight of Windows 10, this is likely an indication the update should be released soon. This is a small improvement to the OS but when coupled with the many other minor tweaks, it adds up to a better user experience for the Anniversary Update.

If you want to see the quest for yourself, open up the Feedback Hub but you should not complete it until the next release of the OS.

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