The Other New Features Coming With The Windows 10 Creators Update

Posted on October 27, 2016 by Brad Sams in Windows 10 with 106 Comments

Windows 10 Hero

Microsoft will release a new version of Windows 10 this spring that they are calling the Creators update. While they did announce the large features that will be coming with this release, the company also posted a video that shows some of the smaller updates that will arrive that didn’t make the keynote.

You can watch the video below and make sure to look closely as its possible I missed a few in my viewing of the clip. With that being said, here are some additional items coming to Windows 10 this spring.

Groove Music Maker


Seeing as this build is targeted at creators, Microsoft will be introducing a new music creation tool called Groove music maker. It appears to be a relatively simple-to-use media creation tool that should let you create tracks without the need to buy any new software.

Of course, it is a free app, so don’t expect a robust tool but it should be enough for basic needs.

Pen Functionality In Word


Based on the demo of Word, you will be able to use a pen to strikethrough text to have it deleted from a document.


Edge Tab Browser


Edge has a new tab browser feature that makes it easier to navigate open tabs with the page-preview open.


There is also a session manager coming to Edge as well, as you can see in the screenshot above, it makes it easy to restore tabs from prior browsing sessions.

Action Center


Action Center is getting refreshed with the Quick Action items no longer using large blocks for every button. For audio and brightness, a slider is now available which is a huge improvement over the pre-defined settings currently used today.

Accent Colors


If you use an accent color with Windows 10, you will soon be able to set a custom color use the color picker.

Settings Updates

If you look at the accent color image above, look at the right side there is a new video area, help section, and related links. This appears to be new and coming with the next update to Windows.

Windows Store


The app store will have a new personalization tab and it appears that this section will sell themes for Windows 10.

The People Bar


The area on the taskbar that has your quick contacts makes it easy to share content with them. In the video, they show how you can quickly open an email window that also doubles as a Skype chat box too.



Maps has a new collection feature and it’s not clear if this is Favorites being renamed or, it could be the same collections feature from Bing Maps on the web. That said, the interface is updated and allows for sorting too.

Windows Defender


Microsoft is changing up the UI of Defender to match the rest of Windows 10; you can see the new layout in the image above.

I do think there will be more features coming to the OS, as we have yet to hear anything about the Blue Light feature that is Microsoft’s take on f.lux. Also, we have heard little about any enterprise features (besides secure browsing) too.

As you can see from this post, there are quite a few minor enhancements coming to Windows 10 this spring. Take a look at the video above and let me know if I missed anything as it does flip between new features quickly.

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