A New Year’s Resolution for Aspiring Programmers: Learn C# and UWP Development

Posted on January 13, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Dev, Windows 10 with 42 Comments

A New Year's Resolution for Aspiring Programmers: Learn C# and UWP Development

Microsoft this week is promoting two free video learning series that will help you learn the C# programming and Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app development, respectively.

Both are presented by the amazing Bob Tabor of Developer University, whom I’ve recommended in the past—in The Best Way to Learn Windows 10 Development and Microsoft Posts Developer Videos for Windows 10 Version 1511, among others—and if I understand what’s happening here correctly, it looks like these two new series are updated from previous talks.

The first is called C# Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners and is aimed at true beginners, especially those that either don’t know C# at all or are, perhaps, just new to software development. Microsoft hasn’t yet announced the second, UWP-themed course, though they will do so very soon.

The C# Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners video series offers the following 25 episodes:

1 | Course Introduction
2 | Installing Visual Studio
3 | Creating Your First C# Program
4 | Understanding Your First C# Program
5 | Working with Code Files, Projects, and Solutions
6 | Understanding Data Types and Variables
7 | The if Decision Statement
8 | Operators, Expressions, and Statements
9 | for Iteration Statement
10 | Understanding Arrays
11 | Defining and Calling Methods
12 | While Iteration Statement
13 | Working with Strings
14 | Working with Dates and Times
15 | Understanding Classes
16 | More About Classes and Methods
17 | Understanding Scope and Accessibility Modifiers
18 | Understanding Namespaces and Working with the .NET
19 | Creating and Adding References to Assemblies
20 | Working with Collections
21 | Working with LINQ
22 | Enumerations and the Switch Decision Statement
23 | Gracefully Handling Exceptions
24 | Understanding Events and Event-Driven Programming
25 | Where to Go from Here

That looks really thorough. But Mr. Tabor also offers a variety of classes through Developer University that go well beyond that content.

For example, his C# Fundamentals class is over 30 hours long and takes the student far beyond the other C# courses that he created for Microsoft. “You’ll learn C# using ASP.NET to create dynamic web applications,” the course description notes. “Many people learn a programming language but never learned how to decompose problems into solutions using code. This course focuses on using the language to solve real business problems by building your problem-solving muscles one coding challenge at a time.”

Developer University also offers a number of other Bob Tabor classes that might be of interest, among them:

.NET Core 1.0. This 2+ hour course gets you quickly up to speed with foundational .NET Core concepts. It covers installation considerations, using the Command Line Interface Tooling to scaffold new projects, adding dependencies, compilation, packages, and much more! LEARN .NET CORE

Entity Framework Core 1.0. This 20 lesson course (in progress) mixes hands-on code & lectures covering Entity Models, work flows, ORMs, architecture, DbContexts, DbSets, Code First Workflow, Migrations, LINQ queries, conventions, and more. LEARN EF CORE

Thinking Like an Object Oriented Programmer. Object Oriented Programming is more than just learning about Classes, Objects, Properties, Methods and so on. It’s a programming philosophy, a “religion” filled with tenets, idioms, best practices, patterns. This course makes it simple to learn. LEARN OOP

And many more, as they say.

As you may know, I spent much of the second half of 2016 learning Android programming via a Udacity nanodegree program. And while I’m not quite done yet, that should be wrapping up soon. And when it does, I think I’ll be looking into some form of C#/Windows programming class next. The Developer University stuff looks inexpensive: You can access all of the site’s content for one year for just $100. (I pay more than that each month for Udacity.) Or you can enroll for a lifetime ($250) or pay per-course (That C# Fundamentals via ASP.NET Web Applications class is $50, for example.)


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