Here’s Everything Microsoft Announced at Its New York Event

Posted on October 2, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Hardware, Microsoft, Microsoft Surface, Windows, Windows 10 with 37 Comments

Microsoft just finishing announcing a bunch of new products at its New York event today. The company had a bunch of new Surface hardware, along with some news on software. Here’s everything the company announced today, summarised:

  • Surface Duo: The star of the show. Microsoft introduced two dual-screen devices at the event, and the Surface Duo is probably the most exciting. It’s an Android-powered Surface device that comes with two 5.6-inch screens and expands into an 8.3-inch device when folded. Coming Holiday 2020.
  • Surface Neo: The much-awaited dual-screen Surface device is here. And Microsoft gave our first look at the device, revealing some of the official details of the new device. It’s powered by Windows 10X, features two 9-inch displays that, when unfolded, turn into a 13-inch device. Also coming Holiday 2020.
  • Surface Pro X: Microsoft’s new generation of Surface Pro design is here, and it’s thinner than ever before. The Surface Pro X features an ultra-thin design, combined with a new Surface Slim Pen and a Surface Pro X Signature Keyboard.
  • Surface Laptop 3: Surface Laptop 3 now comes in a larger 15-inch variant, and gives you the option to go with a metal finish instead of Alcantara. Oh, it’s also more powerful than before.
  • Surface Pro 7: Sticking with the classic and frankly outdated design, the Surface Pro 7 promises to offer laptop-class performance with new laptop-class processors from Intel, offering more power than the Pro 6 at the compromise of battery life.
  • Windows 10X: Microsoft’s new version of Windows 10 built for dual-screen and folding screen devices. It offers a stripped-down version of Windows 10 as you know it with the ability to run full desktop apps via a container and improved security.
  • Surface Earbuds: Microsoft’s getting into the earbuds business with its new $249 Surface Earbuds that promise to offer 24 hours of battery life and…Office integration.

And that’s pretty much it. The event was really packed, with lots of exciting announcements, so make sure to check out our full coverage for the individual announcements. We will also have some videos from the event with the new products, so keep an eye out for those, too.

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