Wunderlist Creator Wants to Buy Back the App From Microsoft

Posted on September 9, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Microsoft with 16 Comments

Microsoft first acquired to-do list app Wunderlist back in June of 2015. At the time, Microsoft said it’d be bringing Wunderlist’s features into its own apps and services. In April 2017, the company said it’s launching its own app called Microsoft To-Do, which will eventually replace Wunderlist. Microsoft promised to transition Wunderlist users over to Microsoft To-Do, though that new app was seriously lacking in terms of features. The company had also run into some migration issues with the Wunderlist infrastructure, leading to a botched acquisition.

Wunderlist users were obviously quite upset with all the announcements, and although Microsoft has made good progress with its To-Do app in the recent times, some still want Wunderlist to make an actual comeback. Here’s the thing: Wunderlist is yet to be shut down by Microsoft, though it plans to make that happen once Microsoft To-Do has feature parity with Wunderlist.

And now, Wunderlist founder Christian Reber is requesting Microsoft to let him buy back Wunderlist from the company to stop it from shutting down. It’s unlikely Microsoft will let Reber buy the company back, though.

“Want to make one thing clear: I feel nothing but gratitude for Microsoft and everyone involved in the Wunderlist acquisition in 2015. It made perfect sense, definitely the best thing that ever happened to us. The team there is amazing, I’m friends with many of them. I’m just sad that our plans for Wunderlist didn’t work out, but I also don’t want to point fingers at anyone. Acquisitions are hard. Acompli (now Outlook) worked out perfectly. That’s life,” Reber later tweeted.

Microsoft has done a good job with the Acompli acquisition that’s now the Outlook mobile apps, but the company didn’t have the same luck with Wunderlist and calender app Sunrise. The new proposition from the Wunderlist founder to stop Microsoft from shutting down the app could lead to something, but I doubt Microsoft will allow that to happen. After all, it’s probably invested a lot into Microsoft To-Do.

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