Health hacking

Hand with measuring tape

From the Editor’s Desk: Five Months In (Premium)

Five months ago, I resolved to take responsibility for my health and work with my…

Woman using a continuous glucose monitor

From the Editor’s Desk: Hard Health Numbers for the Win (Premium)

In the June 19 edition of From the Editor’s Desk in the Thurrott Premium newsletter,…

A digital image of a heart made of 1s and 0s

Actionable Data (Premium)

The original Microsoft Band was a unique and powerful wearable in its day, and it…


Health Hacking: A Quick Update (Premium)

It's been over six months since my last "health hacking" check-in. But I'm happy to…


Health Hacking: Anniversary (Premium)

I will soon write about the science behind working past a weight loss plateau. But…

Health Hacking: Move

Health Hacking: Move (Premium)

For 2017, I resolved to maintain a ketogenic diet in order to lose weight and…

Health Hacking: Food

Health Hacking: Food (Premium)

In Health Hacking: Diet and Nutrition, I took on a controversial topic. In this follow-up,…

Ask Paul: December 15

Ask Paul: December 15 (Premium)

Thanks, as always, to everyone who chimed in with some questions this week. Before diving…

Health Hacking: Diet and Nutrition

Health Hacking: Diet and Nutrition (Premium)

This past week, I marked the one-year anniversary of my low-carb (sometimes ketogenic) diet. Here's…

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