Windows 10 October 2018 Update Finally Re-Released

Posted on November 13, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Windows, Windows 10 with 52 Comments

Windows 10’s latest major update, the October 2018 Update, has turned out to be a big mess for Redmond. To bring you in line with everything that’s happened so far, here’s a quick breakdown: on October 2, Microsoft started rolling out the update, users then started submitting reports of a data deletion issue on October 4, forcing Microsoft to pause the rollout and pull the update on October 6.

Over the last few weeks, Microsoft has been working to fix the data deletion issue and completely investigate the reason behind it. Today, the company is finally re-releasing the update to the public after weeks of silence.

Microsoft said in a blog post that the company has carried out extensive testing to ensure the data deletion has been completely resolved, stating “in addition to extensive internal validation, we have taken time to closely monitor feedback and diagnostic data from our Windows Insiders and from the millions of devices on the Windows 10 October Update, and we have no further evidence of data loss.”

Redmond will continue to roll out the update slowly as it does with major Windows 10 updates, meaning the update won’t arrive right away for your device. The company says it will launch a new Windows Update status dashboard next year that will provide the public with frequent updates on Windows 10 update rollouts.

The update is available for commercial customers of Windows 10 starting today as well, including users of Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server Version 1809.

Microsoft knows the company has made a huge mistake here, so it’s trying to make users aware of all the testing it does to ensure good quality of the software it makes. The software giant detailed its approach towards making sure Windows 10 works perfectly for everyone in a blog post, claiming that the data deletion bug was a “small but serious issue.”

Microsoft continues to boast about its testing process with Windows 10 — the company says it uses Machine Learning and other data-driven techniques to identify and resolve issues in the OS, as well as using feedback from Windows Insiders. The company said that the Windows 10 April 2018 Update had the highest Net Promoter rating so far, which is essentially the rating users give Windows 10 when it randomly annoys them with a notification asking how likely they are to recommend the OS to their friends.

Although Microsoft claims the quality of Windows 10 is improving with every new release, it’s clear the company’s testing approach still needs a ton of tweaking, especially when such a serious data deletion issue makes it through to the public after months of testing.

“We will up our effort to improve our ability to prevent issues and our ability to respond quickly and openly when issues do arise.  We intend to leverage all the tools we have today and focus on new quality-focused innovation across product design, development, validation, and delivery,” the company said.

The update should be available for download here.

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Comments (52)

52 responses to “Windows 10 October 2018 Update Finally Re-Released”

  1. NT6.1

    Windows as a Service failed.

  2. waethorn

    So I'm curious to see how they do this for existing users that managed to get 1809 already. Are they going to be treated to another in-place upgrade, or will they get the patches in a cumulative update?

    Or is Microsoft just going to leave them hanging as perpetual Guinea Pigs in the Insider Programme, like they told them to get into?

  3. skane2600

    "We shifted the responsibility for base functional testing to our development teams in order to deliver higher quality code from the start."

    Developers have always been the initial software testers, but the perceived inadequacy of relying primarily on developers to test their own code was the raison d'être for QA testing policies.

    • wright_is

      In reply to skane2600:

      First rule of testing, never let a dev test his own code - he knows what it does and tends to write tests around that, not against what it should actually do.

      Second rule of testing, if you are on a small team and only have 1 developer, he must write all of his test cases and harnesses before writing the actual code, because he is hopefully writing it from the specification.

      • skane2600

        In reply to wright_is:

        I would say you never let a dev be the only tester of thier own code. They, at least, should believe their code works before submitting it to others for testing.

        Many devs believe it's important that test cases be written before coding, but many others don't. There's still no definitive evidence that one is superior to the other. There's really no connection between writing code that follows the specification and when test code is written.

    • MikeGalos

      In reply to skane2600:

      Actually, what they're likely doing is the Agile methodology testing model of having pairs of developers with each testing the others code for basic functionality before it's allowed to be checked in.

      That's NOT the same as having all testing done by developers. Note "base functional testing" which is NOT the same as functional testing or configuration testing or use case testing.

      • skane2600

        In reply to MikeGalos:

        Pair programming is an Agile methodology in which two developers write the code together, I'm not sure if paired testing is really an Agile practice. In any case, it's not equivalent to using a testing team.

  4. Winner


  5. snow.steve22

    I was already on 1809 and was at the .107 point release (I think...). Today's cumulative update (KB4467708)(11/13/18) took me to 17763.134

  6. techguy33

    Backed up everything and did in-place update using 1809 media creation tool. No issues so far, no files missing. I imagine Sarkar has a packed bag with all personal belonging at her office door ready for a quick departure if anything goes wrong on this re-release lol.

  7. FalseAgent

    I will still be waiting this update out. No rush for me.

    I really do hope that Microsoft delivers on a renewed focus on quality.

  8. siv

    I got the update when it first came out and had no issues. I am just applying today's updates which is the 2018-11 Cumulative Update. I was on 17763.55 and it went to 17763.134 after the update. Hopefully I won't be losing files or not be being warned when extracting Zips?

    I wish MS would do some proper testing so we don't have data loss, that is unforgivable!


  9. wright_is

    Got the update packages on WSUS this morning as I got to work.

    For those already on 1809, there were also normal security and roll-up updates for 1809 waiting.

  10. jules_wombat

    Why is Dona Sarker still in post ?

  11. pargon

    I had gotten the 1809 build after they pulled it since the news wasn't anywhere to be found that it got pulled, so I jumped in insider to grab it, thinking windows update wasn't pushing yet. But now I think maybe they moved from "skip ahead" to pushing 19H1 builds to "fast ring" since the update tool paul posted says "Thanks for upgrading to the latest version of windows" instead of providing me the latest stable release bits.

    I am on Build 18277 now, did MS just decide not to have a "Magic Window" this time? I was watching this website since Paul normally posts about it, guess maybe he just got caught up in bashing Microsoft and didn't post about it like normal; I would have set it to cancel insider preview otherwise.

    Do I need to blow away my install? It's easy to do, I have a 16TB raid 10 with all my data and just windows and photoshop/lightroom on the SSD.

  12. Thomas Parkison

    No, it's not the October update or 1809. It's the November update with 1810.

  13. waethorn

    "Microsoft claims the quality of Windows 10 is improving with every new release"


  14. Dan1986ist

    So my tablet already on 1809 got the update to 17763.107 while my desktop still on 1803 is getting an cumulative update to 1803. Guess they are rolling out 1809 to certain devices and others later on.

  15. pachi

    Perhaps... too little. Too late.

    Not to mention we're getting yet another 19H1 update with new features such as new emoji, revamped emoji panels, acrylic lockscreen blur, etc... We're bombarded with crap like EMOJI, when it should just be in the background with no announcements period. Like how Apple just drops them into an iOS update and no one really cares!

    Just about near the point I am ordering a Mac Mini because of constant Windows issues and lack of any sort of future focus.

    • FalseAgent

      In reply to pachi:

      what I told you that people like emoji and not everyone is like you? shocking, I know.

    • waethorn

      In reply to pachi:

      Insider Programme = bug reporting for the Facebook Generation.

      • pachi

        In reply to Waethorn:

        I know a lot of regular, normal people, and all they want is their computers to work well - Windows is a nightmare to set-up if you buy even a new machine, and it needs big updates to get anywhere near workable. Takes HOURS on a lower specced machine new from the box!

        I've never heard anyone normal ask for emoji, or emoji panels, or quick action buttons, or acrylic blur. I do hear an awful lot of: I wish it didnt need this update, or why do i have so many start icons, etc...

        • waethorn

          In reply to pachi:


          Wipe the machine and install one of several Linux distros. Solus is a good all-around independent distro that isn't dependent on another distros codebase. Elementary OS is extremely simple for computer beginners that find Windows too complicated. Pop!_OS is good for more technical people that like to develop and/or tweak. Zorin looks like Windows 7, but isn't.

          All of these operating systems should run fine on hardware from the last 7-8 years or more, aside from Atom SoC machines.

        • waethorn

          In reply to pachi:

          The Softie trolls don't agree with you.

          • pachi

            In reply to Waethorn:

            I would argue Linux has its own set of problems that occur regularly enough that for the average person it could be a big problem (potentially obviously), I think the last couple of years though, you're not wrong and many linux distros have less problems than W10 does for the typical user.

            Yeah, I love some of the folks here who neg comments. Who does putting blinders on and plugging your ears really benefit. I got slammed once for commenting how poor Edge performance is on most major websites lol.

            • skane2600

              In reply to pachi:

              It's hard to evaluate Windows vs Linux for the average person, since the former comes pre-installed on their PC, and the latter almost never. Not to mention that non-tech users of desktop Linux are very rare, with just a handful on anecdotal stories to use as evidence.

            • waethorn

              In reply to pachi:

              The non-tech-savvy are the same people that pay the Geek Squad $100+ to go through the OOBE. Best to get someone that is more responsible, and hopefully they know enough to put an easy-to-use Linux distro on it. I have yet to see any modern Linux distro fail anywhere close to as bad as Windows 10, ESPECIALLY on updates.

              Edge is a slow POS. Not just loading pages, but on first launch. No other browser has a delay before you can enter a website like Edge does.

              • skane2600

                In reply to Waethorn:

                The average non-tech-savvy consumer simply buys their PC, brings it home and uses it. Not every consumer buys from Best Buy, and most of those who do don't use the Geek Squad to set them up.

                Does every discussion have to ramble into a Linux promotion?

                • waethorn

                  In reply to skane2600:

                  "Not every consumer buys from Best Buy, and most of those who do don't use the Geek Squad to set them up."

                  Care to back that statement up with actual numbers?

                  "Does every discussion have to ramble into a Linux promotion?"

                  When Windows becomes something better than it is, maybe.

                • skane2600

                  In reply to Waethorn:

                  No, I don't have any numbers but you implied that all non-tech-savvy users use the Geek Squad without any evidence, so who is making broader assumptions?

                  I'm basing my opinion on statistics on other post-purchase spending. For example, a survey from last year found that about 70% of consumers didn't buy a service contract. I realize that it's not the same thing but I believe it reflects a desire on the part of most consumers to not add additional cost to their purchase price. This would particularly apply to the many consumers who have been using Windows for years and wouldn't have any expectation that they needed extra help.

              • Stooks

                In reply to Waethorn:

                I just re-booted from my Windows updates. I had 1809 already so I got the .134 update, plus a few Office updates.

                I do not use Edge but I opened it up just now. Opens as fast or faster than either Chrome or FireFox on my desktop computer. I could immediately enter a website.

                Do you need help with your Windows 10 computer?

                • waethorn

                  In reply to Stooks:

                  No. I don't use Windows 10. But I have many IT clients that do, and they're in constant need of help with them.

                  Also, I don't buy your BS about Edge being fast, sorry. That's probably why those are MY clients, and not yours.

                • pachi

                  In reply to Stooks:

                  This is flat out false, I ctrl-t new tab in Edge and start typing a url. It works in every other browser but Edge. Edge requires a half second delay on my part after the new tab opens or it doesn’t type. Same thing on initial load.

                • Stooks

                  In reply to pachi:

                  Seriously I hit ctrl-t while in edge and I can type in "asdfjkl" as fast as I can. Choosing those keys because they are where my fingers sit at the time.

                  Not sure what they heck you are doing??? This is a computer with 1803 and 1809.

              • Stooks

                In reply to Waethorn:

                You have been coming to this site for years and years. You used to be a crazy Microsoft fan boy. Now you loathe them pretty much and praise Google for everything they do.

                Why even hang around? You practically post daily on this Microsoft focused site.

                • waethorn

                  In reply to Stooks:

                  I don't praise Google for anything anymore. In fact, I don't have a Google Account for anything anymore.

                  It wasn't about the data collection, it's about the lies and censorship.

                  Why are you opposed to a dissenting opinion anyway?

  16. Rpt

    I originally posted this over on the podcast page - but maybe here is more appropriate...

    Hi, just listened in to this podcast. Thanks for a great show as always.

    I wanted to throw in my 10c following Leo's comment about "normal" users not being affected by the 1809 train crash (or wreck if you prefer). He's right I'm sure, and I may or may not be normal but I was a "seeker" for 1809 simply because it promised to resurrect the sms functionality from my desktop that I had enjoyed, let's say sporadically, with Cortana.

    So, having successfully seeked, I now have the Win 10 "my phone" app. That doesn't work so that was a waste of time.

    But worse my Win 7 backup is now broken, something to do with my NAS drive, which I have used for 3+ years, being suddenly write protected since the ?upgrade? to 1809. The irony of MS breaking my carefully constructed backup at the same time as they delete user's files is not lost on me. I have read around the problem and it may or may not be something to do with onedrive or mapped drives, and it may or may not be fixed in 2019. So in my ignorance I am manually copying my files as a kind of half-cocked backup in the hope that MS do something about it; you can guarantee I'll forget when it matters most.

    And don't start me on win 10 file backup.

    So I was overjoyed when MS pushed that latest update yesterday, surely this problem would be fixed? It's important and I know I'm not alone.

    Checked backups this morning, is it fixed? Is it #$%^.

    So am I normal? If that means someone who can't be arsed with finding out why stuff is suddenly broken, then yes I am. And I just checked, as "your pc was updated more than 10 days ago", I can't wind it back either. The fun just never stops.

    Now the gong has been struck and I've got that off my chest (thanks for sticking with me if you did), I must get back to the stuttering mess that is Lightroom on 1809.

    Mac anyone?