Microsoft Ships Two Updates for Windows 10 Build 10049

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Microsoft Ships Two Updates for Windows 10 Build 10049

When Microsoft shipped the latest Windows 10 Technical Preview 2 build last week, it noted an issue with Hyper-V and recommended that some users wait for the Slow ring version of the build, by which time this and other issues would be fixed. This week, Microsoft fixed that bug, as well as a second issue related to email indexing. So we’re a step or two closer to build 10049 heading to Slow ring testers.

It seems like everything requires a backstory these days, but I assume most readers know that Windows Insiders—i.e. the people testing Windows 10 in prerelease form through the Windows 10 Technical Preview program—are automatically enrolled in a so-called Slow ring, where new builds are delivered only after they pass certain quality criteria. But they can also opt into a Fast ring (in Windows Update) to get new builds as quickly as possible.

For the past few releases, Microsoft has issued a build to Fast ring testers and then, over the next week or two, has shipped several updates via Windows Update that address issues in the build. And then, the build is delivered to Slow ring testers. (And is made available in ISO form as well.)

With the previous build, build 10041, the delta between the Fast ring release (March 18) and the Slow ring release (March 25) was just one week, and it delivered several software updates in the interim. We’re already at about 10 days since the March 30 release of build 10049, but yesterday’s delivery of two updates was the first. I’m curious if there will be more before we see 10049 hit the Slow ring.

Here are the two updates.

Hyper-V cannot be enabled in Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10049. You cannot enable Hyper-V after performing a clean install of Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10049, nor after upgrading to Build 10049 from a build that did not have Hyper-V enabled. This problem occurs because wstorvsp.inf was not properly added to the driver store during online driver servicing. An update is available to resolve this problem.

Outlook might not index new emails in Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10049. After installing Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10049, Outlook 2013 and Outlook 16 Preview might not index new emails. As a result, new emails do not appear in search results, and if you rebuild the index, no emails appear in search results. An update is available to resolve this problem.

In both cases, you simply need to update via Windows Update.

As a side note, the first of the two issues was the source of a bit of confusion initially, with many people informing me that build 10049 could not be installed in a virtual machine (VM). But that wasn’t what Microsoft communicated. In its blog post announcing the build, Microsoft noted that “if you have Hyper-V already enabled and you upgrade to this build, Hyper-V will continue to work,” but if you upgraded to this build and then tried to install Hyper-V, it would fail. “You cannot enable Hyper-V on this build,” the firm said.

Microsoft initially advised users with Hyper-V needs to wait for the Slow ring release—we’re still waiting—but has since rescinded that advice. With this update, however, you should be good to go no matter how or when you decide to install Hyper-V.

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