Windows 11 Field Guide Progress Report #6: Lots of New Content

With the latest addition to the Windows 11 Field Guide, the book is now 655 pages long in PDF format and is comprised of 101,459 words.

To get there, I have added 12 new chapters since the last update: Keyboards, Mice, and Touchpads, Touch, Pen, and Tablet, Printers and Scanners, Troubleshooting, Apps Basics, Microsoft Store, Notifications, Windows Update, Windows Security, Windows Defender, Find My Device, and Android Apps. That completes the Hardware, Security, and Apps sections, at least for now: I have some additions in there for the future as well, but I want to move on to other content first.

I’m not sure how obvious this is, but with the initial pre-release version of the book that I published back in October, I wanted most of that material, which I consider both core and new to Windows 11, to be new writing. That is, with minor exceptions, I didn’t pull any content from the Windows 10 Field Guide and just update it for Windows 11.

But with a lot of the more recent additions—the Help and Recovery, Hardware, Accounts, Security, Internet and Networking, and Apps sections—there is a mix of new and edited/updated Windows 10 content. There will be some more of that in Productivity Apps, Digital Media, and Games. But then I get to move on to some other new content, including Command Line, Virtualization, Accessibility, and Utilities. Suffice it to say, I’m looking forward to that most of all.

But you gotta do the grunt work too. The Microsoft Edge section, still is still not complete, is a good example of the mix of old and new. Microsoft Edge Setup and Microsoft Edge and Web Apps are both all-new or mostly new, as will be a coming chapter called Microsoft Edge Security and Privacy. But Microsoft Edge Basics, Reading with Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Edge Collections, and Microsoft Edge Shopping are largely updated using content from the previous book. That’s not a horrible mix.

More soon!

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