Windows 10 version 1809 Enters its Final Deployment Phase

Posted on January 17, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 16 Comments

Microsoft’s ongoing slow (re)rollout of the October 2018 Update hit a new milestone this week. Now, the OS upgrade is “fully available” and will be automatically delivered to all compatible PCs over time.

“We are now starting our phased rollout of [the October 2018 Update] to users via Windows Update, initially offering the update to devices we believe will have the best update experience based on our next generation machine learning model,” a new support note on Microsoft’s Windows 10 update history webpage explains. “[The update] is fully available for advanced users who manually select ‘Check for updates’ via Windows Update.”

The history of the October 2018 Update, which upgrades Windows 10 to version 1809, is convoluted and not a little bit tortured. Microsoft released the update weeks early in order to announce it at live hardware event in October, despite numerous reports of bugs and other quality issues. Then, just days later, it was forced to pull the update after users reported data loss issues. After a second data loss issue, Microsoft finally revealed that it was “pausing” the rollout.

Then six weeks went by.

In late December, Microsoft finally revealed that it was making Windows 10 version 1809 available to what it calls “advanced users,” which is anyone who actually opens Windows Update and checks for updates.

This new, final milestone means that Windows 10 version 1809 is generally available to all users, or soon will be: As the support note explains, it will roll out first to known-good PC configurations and then expand over time. This is the normal way of doing things, albeit it many months later than usual. And it should result in a nice uptick in Windows 10 version 1809 usage over the next few months.

The support note change was first spotted by Windows Latest.

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Comments (16)

16 responses to “Windows 10 version 1809 Enters its Final Deployment Phase”

  1. wright_is

    Not here, I had to manually download the update yesterday. I had a brand new, out of the box Optiplex and after 10 attempts are looking for updates and nothing found, I downloaded the media creator tool and installed manually. Everything checked out okay and installed without a hitch.

  2. donaselfies

    Sticking with 1709 until they finally pull their heads out.

  3. madthinus

    Still not being offered to Semi annual channel. This might be the longest time it has taken to get to that point of any release of Windows 10 to date.

  4. michaelmknight

    You can also now download 1809 from the official Microsoft Upgrade/Media Creation Tool page.

    I used this as I was tired of waiting for the Windows Update download. The update took ages, but went smooth and with no issues at all.

  5. CaedenV

    I keep checking on my desktop, and it still isn't available... It has been 2 years, so maybe it is time to blow it away and do a fresh install anyways

  6. skborders

    I am surprised but my Work computer got 1803 last month. It may have been available before that but I had to upgrade to Office 365 and saw 1803 was available.

  7. MacLiam

    I just found 1809 waiting on my two-year-old Studio this morning. I am asked to schedule a time for installation or to tap the "Restart Now" button.

    After the destructive consequences of such an action three months ago, following which I rolled back to 1803, I am still gunshy about triggering installation of this presumably trustworthy version. I already have 1809 on a couple of secondary machines, where it has functioned fine since its original installation and has never caused deletion of crucial documents. I suppose I will kick off the pending re-installation later today or tomorrow after making yet further backups of all files I would hate to lose.

    I just wish I felt better about this. It's amazing how much damage to user trust and confidence can result from one failure in a company product after decades of reliable use.

  8. SvenJ

    My Surface Go not being offered 1809 was what drove me off S mode. Yes I'm one who checks for updates, and one who is confused by MSs own hardware not being among the first to be deemed compatible. In any case, I was fine with what I could get from the store, which includes the full version of Office, so I left it in S Mode. What I couldn't install however was the Upgrade Advisor to 'force' the 1809 upgrade. So, out of S mode, load UA and upgrade. Worked just fine. Now however I am forever out of S mode, and there isn't even a switch to stick to store apps.

  9. nbates66

    so my 5 year old Windows install is still sitting on 1803, perhaps I shall start investigating the blockers...

  10. ndelena

    I'm still on 1803 on my Surface Book 2. Who knows where they really are in their rollout to "known-good" configurations, but it gives me a chuckle to think MSFT might look at my SB2 as anything but known-good.

  11. MixedFarmer75

    Have 1809 on three other cpu's, but have my main work cpu is set for 32 days for feature updates.  Does that mean it will be thirty days from now it will update?  I do like the look and feel of 1809, but reloading everything I use on here is such a pain when something goes wrong.  Can't remember if it was 1703 or 1709 that messed this cpu up the last time.  With my lousy internet connection it takes days and uses up all my bandwidth to get everything the way I like it.

  12. blackcomb

    This schedule is crazy. They really want us to hate Windows.

  13. ndwilder

    Zero excuse for them rolling it out early the way they did, and goes to show how flawed their current QA (or lack thereof) is setup, as well as how much they do not care about their userbase. Even more frustrating is the lack of anything I really care about in most of these releases.

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