Bluetooth is a wireless technology that pairs compatible devices over a short distance, creating a so-called personal area network, or PAN, that they can use to exchange data. Many PCs, including all portable PCs, include Bluetooth radios so that you can connect---pair---Bluetooth devices like keyboards, mice, headphones, and phones with your PC and manage them using Windows 11.
Manage Bluetooth with Windows 11
Before you can pair a Bluetooth device with your PC, you need to ensure that its Bluetooth radio is enabled. There are two places you can do this and perform other Bluetooth-related management tasks in Windows 11: the Settings app and Quick settings.

Let's take a look at Settings first. Open the Settings app and navigate to Bluetooth & devices. The top of this Settings page displays a tile for each paired Bluetooth device plus an "Add device" tile for pairing other Bluetooth devices (and adding some other wireless device types too).

Below that, you will see a Bluetooth setting with an On/Off toggle. This needs to be set to On for Bluetooth pairing to work.

Quick settings is a new interface in Windows 11 that appears when you select the Network, Volume, or Power buttons in the Taskbar's system tray. As its name suggests, Quick settings provides quick access to commonly-needed system settings, one of which is Bluetooth.

You can learn more about Quick settings in the Quick Settings chapter.
The Bluetooth quick setting button is used to toggle the PC's Bluetooth radio on or off and to manage available Bluetooth devices. When Bluetooth is enabled and you are connected to a Bluetooth device, the name of that device will appear below the Bluetooth quick setting button.

The Bluetooth quick setting button is what's called a split button, which is a special type of button that has two sides, each of which works like a unique button of its own. You can select the left side of this button to toggle Bluetooth on and off. And you can click the right side to see which Bluetooth devices are paired and which are available (ready to pair).

You can also click the "More Bluetooth settings" link at the bottom of this display to open Settings at Bluetooth & devices settings.
Pair a Bluetooth device to your PC
To pair a new Bluetooth device with your PC, press and hold on the Bluetooth pair button on the connecting device. (Check with the manufacturer's documentation if you can't find this.)

If the device supports a Bluetooth feature called Swift Pair, Windows will notify you and offer to connect automatically.

Select "Connect" when prompted.

Otherwise, open the Settings app and navigate to Bluetooth & devices and select the large "Add device" tile at the top. The Add a device window appears.

Select Bluetooth. The window will display a list of available Bluetooth devices.

Now, select the device you wish to pair. After a short "Connecting" animation, you'll be told that the new device ...

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