Reading with Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge provides all of the standard reading features offered by other web browsers, but it also goes well beyond most by offering a Reader mode experience for web articles, comprehensive built-in PDF (portable document format) reading and annotation capabilities, and a Read aloud feature that works with both web articles and PDF files.
Read articles on the web
Microsoft Edge lets you browse the web and read articles of interest as you would with other web browsers. You can toggle full-screen mode by typing F11, zoom in and out to better view text (CTRL + Plus, CTRL + Minus), and return to the default zoom (CTRL + 0) as needed.
Enter Reader mode with Immersive Reader
Microsoft Edge also offers a unique Reader mode experience for web articles called Immersive reader that hides everything on the web page you're reading except for the article text and graphics.

Immersive reader cannot be enabled globally. Instead, you turn it on manually when you're reading a web article. To do so, navigate to a web article you wish to read and select the Immersive reader icon that appears in the right of the Address bar.

The Immersive reader icon only appears when Edge is displaying a web article.
You can also type F9 to toggle Immersive reader.
When you do, the article reloads in a themed Immersive reader view with just the article text and graphics.

Immersive reader displays a toolbar by default that provides several useful options.

This toolbar can be configured to auto-hide. If you don't see it, just click anywhere in the browser window.

These options include:

Read aloud. This feature will read the web article aloud to you. It is described in more detail in the section Let Edge read the current article with Read aloud.

Text preferences. This item opens a pane that lets you customize the Immersive reader's text size, text spacing, font, column style, and theme so that it looks exactly the way you like.

Grammar tools. This feature can help you learn to read better by providing a set of tools right in the article you are currently reading. You can learn more in the section Improve your reading skills with Immersive reader.

Reading preferences. Here, you can enable and configure a set of useful reading improvement tools: a line focus feature that will highlight one, three, or fives lines of text (your choice) as you read, a picture dictionary feature that lets you see pictures that match words in the article, and a language translation feature that can translate the entire article into the language of your choice. These features are also discussed in Improve your reading skills with Immersive reader.

Pin/Unpin toolbar. To keep this toolbar visible all the time, select the Pin toolbar button.
Some browser features, like printing and displaying the browser in full-screen mode, also work well with Immersive reader. If you print an article while in this view, for example, it will print it in the style use...

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